Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ground Rules

Ground Rules

All this infighting between the Tea Party and the Old Guard in the Republican Party has got to stop.  If we break the party we will subject all we care about to Democrat tyranny for a decade. OR we must make one simple agreement.  We have to agree to back the winners of the primaries, period.  It’s a fair question to ask all the candidates, and one that should be asked again and again throughout the primary process: Will you play by this one rule? Because quite frankly if the answer is no, the party is already broken, and we do ourselves no favors by pretending otherwise.

Seriously guys, you need to understand that all the infighting lately is about the best way to lose.  It’s all been about if we should surrender territory we can’t hold without a fight and no losses, or to pay a price for a bloody defense, while making the Democrat Party do some bleeding of their own. That’s it. That’s what the fight is about.

I want that to change.  So does everybody else.  I get it.  But again we are fighting about how.  I have a rather simple and simplistic proposal for that.  First, I want every primary candidate to publicly state that they will back the winner of the primary whether it’s them or not, and to then do so.  On pain of being ostracized.  Second, I would like every group to pledge to reserve at least half of monies raised, and ¾ would be better, to back the winner of the primary, even if it’s not their candidate.  As individuals, doing something similar with our personal contributions would also leave the winner, whoever it is, in the best possible position. We’ve got to start winning elections.

Those two things are more than enough to inspire a well-earned terror in our Democrat opponents.  I like that Idea. I am very tired of fighting over the best way to lose.  We don’t have to do that.  Who would honestly rather vote for the guy with the best way to lose over a guy who can win?  Every candidate has warts.  Since I’m not running, perfect is not going to happen.  Honestly, looking at Democrat despair lately, who would want a politician for a messiah?  They fall.  Let’s get some people in there who agree in principal on most of our goals.  That fight, we can win.

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