Monday, July 28, 2014


Now, I love Sarah Palin, I really do.  She terrifies the left by existing and willingly draws fire away when lefties attack the right.  I admire her – but she got this one wrong. 

The democrats, you see are actually praying that Republicans do impeach the President and remove him from office.  As things stand Obama is their albatross.  He hangs around the neck of the DNC and holds them responsible, in part or in whole, for each and every Obama scandal.  His “sins” are theirs.

The only thing that can free them from the albatross is us.  I don’t want to and you shouldn’t want to either.  Impeaching him would absolve the Democrats of all responsibility for all of his scandals.  ALL of his disastrous decisions will no longer matter.  Then the Republican Party will once again be the party of racists.  This is the only thing that could possibly save the Democrats in 2016.

A few nuts and bolts.  It only takes a simple majority of the House of Representatives to impeach.  We could do this tomorrow.  BUT it requires two thirds of the Senate to remove him from office.  That is in fact the only sentence they can hand down.  It has never been done. (I swear to God, Clinton enjoyed the process because in the end it was not even a slap on the wrist.  He still brags about it.)   I think we will get more than half of the Senate seats in 2014, but not two thirds.  It doesn’t matter if we succeed or fail to remove him from office, not only do we give up every advantage we have, we will turn Obama into a living martyr.  And he is going to live a long time.

You see, no matter how we squirm, it comes back to the fact he is the first black President.  The only way to make sure no future President is ever excused for his incompetence by his skin color alone is to have someone to point at and say “Never Again!”  Obama will be the guy.

I understand impeachment is an attractive idea.  We all want to get that narcissist the hell out of there.  But, if we impeach him, the people that put him there will walk away from all responsibility and they will quickly put another idiot in charge. Then we have to do this all over again.

So, Mrs. Palin, I respectfully must disagree with you.  We need to leave the Obamatross around the neck of the Democrat Party.  Impeaching him is quite simply the dumbest thing we could do.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How many exactly?

Just how many rockets should Hamas be allowed to shoot at Israeli population centers every month?  Come on guy-on-the-left-who’s-last-name-rhymes-with-Scary&Hairy? What’s acceptable, Secretary Kerry?  As long as you are running your mouth off-mic anyway, put it out there for us! We are but the poor unthinking mob, John! What would you like us to think? I want to know!  I really, really do! No doubt I will be accused of taking advantage of an off mic comment, to which I respond “SO?” Talk to me, Mr. Secretary…

Still waiting…

Oh darn! I guess he loves me not.  And it was such a nice day too.  Why is it that no one EVER thinks to ask that of him?  I’m doomed to the loneliness of the wordsmith…

I’m not kidding about that.  Why should I, or anybody else, accept an answer greater than zero?  Why should Israel accept an answer that I wouldn’t?  Why does our Secretary of State not have an answer to that question?  Carnac the Great would say his answer is  “I’ve already answered that question!” Link please? This translates as “Prove it, and pray you said what you thought you said” I am old enough to actually REMEMBER Johnny Carson.  Of course,  Kerry’s a politician and I’m sure he’s tried to say everything at least once on the record just for folks like me…(I wield so much power…) and the people who hired him- because it’s what he’s paid for. Or in the words of his predecessor “What difference does it make?” Out of context you say? I’m not so sure…

The great Greg Gutfeld has summarized the liberal argument to date on THE FIVE as something to the effect that “the Anti- Israel argument seems to be that Hamas bombs aren’t very good. “ SO CLOSE, Greg!  The bombs are fine – the AIM stinks.  What Hamas should do is dig a bunch of tunnels well into Israel so that they could just literally walk the bombs or whatever over to the targets…

You know, the same way I ask you to think with…

Monday, July 14, 2014


Lots of people spend lots of time trying to explain Israel’s position as it relates to the Gaza Strip.  Mostly they fail, so I thought I’d join the group because I am such a big joiner.

Now many people start with Mexico firing rockets into the US (actually they are firing children, but that’s a different rant) and how we would be at war with Mexico in about 15 minutes.  But that’s not a good example because it is much more complicated than that. 

To put it in terms that are understandable, let’s say that Chris Christie and the rest of New Jersey start launching rockets into New York City.  Because they want to.  I mean face it, New Yorkers are annoying and damn proud of that fact.  So, can you really blame New Jersey? (It’s almost TEXAS like…)

Governor Cuomo is of course distraught and immediately goes screaming to Obama.  Obama does nothing (because that’s what he’s good at).  When Cuomo petitions Congress he is told “No! You can’t pick on New Jersey.  They are just misunderstood!”  All this happens while rockets continue to rain down on New York. Faced with this rejection, Cuomo decides to try to do something so he counterattacks and destroys a few of New Jersey’s launchers along with the people that were trying to fire the rockets.

The Congress immediately condemns New York for war crimes.  Humanitarian aid is sent to New Jersey. Unfortunately it is quickly discovered that more rockets and launchers count as humanitarian aid in the eyes of Congress and surrounding states.  Meanwhile rockets continue to rain down on New York. 

Congress convinces New York to give Manhattan Island to New Jersey so they will stop launching rockets at New Yorkers.  Not only does this not work, but it is very hard on Queens and Brooklyn.  Any attempt to stop the rocket attacks is condemned by Congress and all surrounding states.  Continue to play this unwinnable game for 60 years.

Now you understand Israel and the Gaza Strip.

My apologies to Chris Christie, but since you are already doomed to wear the black hat, wear it proudly.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Leper colony Obama Built

No, he really DID build that.

Political considerations aside, the United States is at risk of an epidemic breaking out in the immigration camps and spreading across the U.S.  What they have found so far: They are swimming in Lice, Scabies (at least one border patrol agent has been infected already) Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, Chicken Pox, Measles, MRSA ( drug resistant Staph Infections) and Strep (the real stuff that can kill you.) The only thing we are missing, so far, is leprosy.  But, there is always tomorrow.

Now some people would say I’m delusional, but you see we really can’t find out what’s going on in the “camps”.  They won’t even let Congressmen in to the facilities in their own districts.  The BCFS, a Health and Human Services subcontractor, who call themselves "Brown Shirts” are attempting to control access and ruling through “Brown Shirt Law,”  which seems to have nothing to do with any legal system.  (“Brown Shirts” + “Camps!!?!”)

Indeed BCFS has gone so far as to issue “gag orders” to medical personnel with the threat of arrest for speaking of conditions in the camps.  Presumably they do this with HHS authority.  Happily, many of these medical personnel have replied with their middle fingers in response.  This is why we know what we know, which is that this is a disaster in the making. 

Under these circumstances, I would actually endorse the governors of these states calling out the National Guard in numbers great enough (I’m thinking battalion minimum, per camp) to overwhelm the so-called “Brown Shirts” and do a full inspection of the camps.  This is clear and present health threat to their communities.  Bring the Press.  They will love you.  For fifteen minutes. 

And where the HELL is the Center for Disease Control?  They say they have sent people to “monitor” the situation.  Are you kidding me?  This is EXACTLY the kind of situation they were created for!  They are the ones who can stop this from getting out of the camps!  I want and we need a full deployment with maximum effort so that we don’t have a full on pandemic.  Maybe we can stop it in the camps instead of in the school rooms. 

I gather that this is not what Obama had in mind.  Honestly, I doubt he thought about disease at all but we have it now.  Everything that happens next is on him.

Is Obama’s ego more important than a pandemic?   We are about to find out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In Simple Terms, THEY LIE

As expected, hand in hand with the latest Supreme Court’s decision, the Democrats are accusing Republicans of denying access to all birth control.  I know you are shocked but as usual THEY LIE.  I am going to tell you how to fight this. Let me be clear, they lie and they know they lie.  This is no longer an argument.  This is a fight.  If you try to treat it like an argument you are going to get stomped.  DON’T DO THAT. 

Democrats operate under the assumption that a woman’s body is her own business.  That is true if I am not paying for it.  My dog’s body is his own business, right up until I have to pay for his food or medical care, then it becomes my business.  See how that works?  Once I pay for it, it is very much my business.  And, my dog need not approve of my choices. He eats the brand of dog food I buy.  So, if I am paying for your medical care, for your contraception, that MAKES IT my business.  If I don’t want to pay  abortifacient, (drugs that can or do cause an abortion), I get to make that call.  It does not mean you cannot get those drugs; it just means I’m not going to buy them for you. 

Now with a corporation or business, there are one or many owners.  What the company spends money on is the business of those owners.  It is their money.  If the owner or a simple majority of shareholders don’t want to pay for  abortifacient, they don’t have to for the same reason that I personally don’t have to.  I don’t want to pay is reason enough.  My reason could be religion or hubris or I could just be a cheapskate. It’s all legal according to the Constitution.

Interestingly enough, all of this also means that if the government pays for these services your body is now the government’s business, and it can make you fill out lots of paperwork for something it may or may not decide to give you for any reason or no reason at all.  (SEE: Veterans Administration)

I believe I said this, but in simple terms Democrats lie about this.  They say, “Republicans want to take away your reproductive rights!”  It is short, sweet and to the point.  That’s the kind of lie that wins arguments or at least drowns out the opposition.  The correct response, in a fight, is the shorter, sweeter and much pointier “YOU LIE!”

It is NOT “Liar” because that’s more of a definition or defense; whereas, “YOU LIE!” is an accusation and, more importantly, a counter attack.  Remember this is not an argument.  This is a FIGHT!  And, if you don’t want to pay for an abortifacient you better learn to fight.

Go forth and conquer!

Thus endeth the lesson.