Monday, July 14, 2014


Lots of people spend lots of time trying to explain Israel’s position as it relates to the Gaza Strip.  Mostly they fail, so I thought I’d join the group because I am such a big joiner.

Now many people start with Mexico firing rockets into the US (actually they are firing children, but that’s a different rant) and how we would be at war with Mexico in about 15 minutes.  But that’s not a good example because it is much more complicated than that. 

To put it in terms that are understandable, let’s say that Chris Christie and the rest of New Jersey start launching rockets into New York City.  Because they want to.  I mean face it, New Yorkers are annoying and damn proud of that fact.  So, can you really blame New Jersey? (It’s almost TEXAS like…)

Governor Cuomo is of course distraught and immediately goes screaming to Obama.  Obama does nothing (because that’s what he’s good at).  When Cuomo petitions Congress he is told “No! You can’t pick on New Jersey.  They are just misunderstood!”  All this happens while rockets continue to rain down on New York. Faced with this rejection, Cuomo decides to try to do something so he counterattacks and destroys a few of New Jersey’s launchers along with the people that were trying to fire the rockets.

The Congress immediately condemns New York for war crimes.  Humanitarian aid is sent to New Jersey. Unfortunately it is quickly discovered that more rockets and launchers count as humanitarian aid in the eyes of Congress and surrounding states.  Meanwhile rockets continue to rain down on New York. 

Congress convinces New York to give Manhattan Island to New Jersey so they will stop launching rockets at New Yorkers.  Not only does this not work, but it is very hard on Queens and Brooklyn.  Any attempt to stop the rocket attacks is condemned by Congress and all surrounding states.  Continue to play this unwinnable game for 60 years.

Now you understand Israel and the Gaza Strip.

My apologies to Chris Christie, but since you are already doomed to wear the black hat, wear it proudly.

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