Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Can we be done now?

Seriously, I’ve about had it with Ferguson.  Why does this thing still dominate the news cycle?  I mean, police brutality happens – no doubt some of it is actually race based.  But this particular one seems to be one of the most unfounded cases ever.  It’s still a tragedy, mind you, but everything seems to point at Mike Brown being high and attacking the policeman, who killed him in self-defense. 

Everything else seems to be assorted individuals and groups taking advantage to promote their own agendas or profit – much to the detriment of hard working people in Ferguson.  How much of that poor city must be burnt to the ground before the residents can catch a break anyway?  What is supposed to be acceptable here?  These are minority businesses under attack.  If someone is looking for revenge they sure as hell seem incapable of aiming in the right direction, and it builds no sympathy whatsoever.  All it does is paint the protesters as vicious brutes instead of the concerned citizens I believe most of them to be.

This may be a horrible thing to say, but I truly believe that many of these national organizations ACTUALLY PROFIT if all of Ferguson is burnt to the ground.  I believe they are inclined to provoke exactly that.  These people are not friends of the community.  They intend to use it, and maybe use it up.  THEY will be just fine if that happens.  They will suddenly be more influential, and they like that idea.  But they need to create a crisis before they can champion a cause, and they have.

I’ve gotten to the point where I more or less expect all the race baiting that’s going on, but nobody should mistake it as my having any level of sympathy with it.  It’s quite simply vile, and I am not inclined to allow anyone to delude themselves into thinking it’s acceptable. 

It is, quite simply, time to cut off the hatemongers profits.  This media circus needs to be over.