Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Can we be done now?

Seriously, I’ve about had it with Ferguson.  Why does this thing still dominate the news cycle?  I mean, police brutality happens – no doubt some of it is actually race based.  But this particular one seems to be one of the most unfounded cases ever.  It’s still a tragedy, mind you, but everything seems to point at Mike Brown being high and attacking the policeman, who killed him in self-defense. 

Everything else seems to be assorted individuals and groups taking advantage to promote their own agendas or profit – much to the detriment of hard working people in Ferguson.  How much of that poor city must be burnt to the ground before the residents can catch a break anyway?  What is supposed to be acceptable here?  These are minority businesses under attack.  If someone is looking for revenge they sure as hell seem incapable of aiming in the right direction, and it builds no sympathy whatsoever.  All it does is paint the protesters as vicious brutes instead of the concerned citizens I believe most of them to be.

This may be a horrible thing to say, but I truly believe that many of these national organizations ACTUALLY PROFIT if all of Ferguson is burnt to the ground.  I believe they are inclined to provoke exactly that.  These people are not friends of the community.  They intend to use it, and maybe use it up.  THEY will be just fine if that happens.  They will suddenly be more influential, and they like that idea.  But they need to create a crisis before they can champion a cause, and they have.

I’ve gotten to the point where I more or less expect all the race baiting that’s going on, but nobody should mistake it as my having any level of sympathy with it.  It’s quite simply vile, and I am not inclined to allow anyone to delude themselves into thinking it’s acceptable. 

It is, quite simply, time to cut off the hatemongers profits.  This media circus needs to be over.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Everything points to a riot

There’s been too much preparation, planning and hype to avoid it, I think.   Everyone has decided.  Everyone is arming themselves and getting ready for hell.  THEY certainly believe IT’S coming.  I don’t believe it would make a difference even if they charge that cop with first degree murder.  Too much time, effort and money has been put into rioting.  They are GOING to do it. They’ve already decided.

It’s really sad, but the truth of what happened no longer counts.  I won’t pretend to know exactly what happened, though like everyone I have my theory.  But from the media to the protest groups nobody cares.  All that matters is that there is a supremely visible, widely televised riot so that assorted protest groups can justify their existence.  Maybe they can raise a little money and do some recruiting too.

Never mind the townspeople caught in the middle.  Living there is just their bad luck.  Never mind the businesses destroyed.  If you own a business you have too many dealings with “The Man” anyway!   It’s not like there’s already an unemployment problem. (Oh, wait…) At any rate there will be contracting jobs – if the owners have enough money to rebuild, and actually want to stay in the neighborhood.  They’re probably better off with an insurance payout anyway.  Assuming they have insurance.

And never mind the example set for the young.  They need to know that rioting, or a threat to do so can solve all problems!  If you aren’t getting what you want, BURN DOWN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!  (You can even get in some looting! Why should professional criminals make all the profits?) That fixes everything. 


Monday, October 27, 2014

More than I wanted to know…

First, allow me to apologize to the readers for the several missed columns over the past months.  I have been having health issues and have spent a lot of time in the hospital. I am deeply indebted, and grateful to FFOA for their understanding in this difficult time.

Funny thing about being in the hospital, you spend a lot of time watching TV.   If you are me, it’s mostly news 24/7.  Due to this I learned much more about Ebola than I ever wanted to know.  I did however figure out some stuff while doing much more research than anyone ever should, and I thought I would share my conclusions.

First, if the goal is really to keep people from panicking, TAKE THE BASIC TIME HONORED PRECAUTIONS EVERYONE IS FAMILIAR WITH!  Specifically I am thinking of travel restrictions and quarantines.  Refusing to do so does not inspire a sense that the administration has everything under control – It makes us think they don’t know what the hell they are doing.  Add that to their recent track record and reasonable people begin to panic, which is what they claim they are trying to avoid. 

Understand that ALL restrictions are going to look like draconian overkill, especially if they work.  The alternative is to do stuff that doesn’t work and then apologize or blame someone else.  That’s not good enough.  Also if everyone is given an exception to the rules you may as well not have the rules in the first place.  Keep the quarantined for the full 21 days and let them whine about it in good health along with their healthy friends and family.

I think it is ridiculous and insulting to assume that some of the proven bravest people out there, the medical workers who volunteer to go work among the diseased at great personal risk, are going to be frightened off by a 21 day quarantine.   They know the stakes much better than the rest of us and they go anyway.  Please do not insult them by doubting their courage.

Now none of this is exactly rocket science. The new Ebola Czar should be able to handle it even if he is as qualified as the Romanovs.  All of this simply requires some political will.   (NOW you can panic!) This is not a situation for negotiation. It simply gets done and people complain or it doesn’t and maybe we get that crisis nobody wants.  Most important, If you don’t want to think about this sort of thing, either stay out of the hospital or watch something besides news.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Greenies are this awesome dog treat that is supposed to keep your dog’s teeth clean.   My dogs love them!  I understand that they are made from actual Global Warning zealots, which means I love feeding them to my dog too!  As a bonus this means there is actually a use for these people, although I am a little concerned that my dogs might catch something.  I wouldn’t touch those cretins.

In a brief summary, we know that Climate Scientists have faked data and lied, and been well paid for it.  Unfortunately for them, now that they are carefully watched, they can’t seem to make an accurate forecast about anything relating to the climate. Also there are new green billionaires who lobby mercilessly to keep Climate Change in the media. They’d really like to keep their money and make more, so “contributions” abound. All of this, however, has been covered exhaustively - even by me.

As a cute capstone to the craziness take a look at VHEMT HERE. They are real…

The weirdest part of the Greenie movement though is where in the hell do they get all the zealots to go out and make trouble on their behalf?  And why would anyone want to put themselves and everyone else back into the Stone Age - much less under a headstone?

There have always been people promoting the end of the world and the one true path to survival.  There have always been snake oil salesmen and people willing to buy from them.  There have always been those so desperate to serve some higher purpose, ANY HIGHER PURPOSE, that they don’t read the fine print.  There have always been those people who are so desperate to be punished for sins real and imagined, from the loathsome to the banal.  There’s always been some people who are so full of rage that they take the first opportunity to expend it, aim be damned.

Global warming, I believe is simply the latest bandwagon.  This one is just painted bright green.  There’s a saying that “there’s nothing new under the sun.” 

I bet these teenagers hate it that that they’ve failed to be unique AGAIN.

Monday, September 8, 2014


It’s in vogue on the left, accusations that as often as not are pure fiction (as in somebody made it up), followed by an immediate (pre-planned?) apology.  This has the effect of convincing both the stupid and the overly conspiracy-minded that whatever manure was shoveled is the gods honest truth and “the evil Republicans are MAKING who-ever-it-is apologize through their evil influence.  (Apparently the fact that their accusers LIED no longer matters at that point.) At any rate, the “apology” for this behavior is worthless. Treat it as such.

Now, my preferred way to deal with lies about how EVIL I am, is to own them completely. (I give small children nightmares? I AM SO COOL!!)  But that probably doesn’t work out well for people who are trying to get elected to something.

Expecting the already biased Media to do something about this sort of vilification is a futile hope.  The allegedly unbiased MSM chose sides long ago.  On the upside that’s the choice that’s doomed them to a slow, lingering, and much deserved death, but until they give up the ghost they will give themselves as much company in oblivion as they can get – sadly, this means anyone on the right they get their hands on will be dragged down as well.

Now New Media (Internet) is buried with fact-checkers all over the place. The victims of these attacks should choose a politically aligned group to help them – others will most likely stand mute. Though there are surprises from time to time, In many cases they are not even needed – see Schultz/Walker. But the victims should absolutely establish their innocence regardless.

Preemption would be ideal, but I’m afraid retaliation is the only way to go after an attack of this sort.  The victim HAS taken a hit from this kind of attack, and there’s little to do about it but hit back. SO HIT BACK!  The most PC thing to do is to is to forge the lies into a weapon that you can use on the accuser.  Remember apologies have no worth in these circumstances so the word “LIAR” needs to figure large in any counterattacks.  Don’t soften it – IT’S NOT SOFT. “Con-man/woman” and “Deceiver” could figure large as well. Don’t forget to attack the avenues of dissemination as well – The people who SPREAD the lie should be in trouble as well.  Don’t disappoint them, even if there’s no prayer of it working.

Hopefully the victims will be able to link these attacks to a pattern of deceptive behavior that can then be used against the liars.  Track records of Liars are public too.  They can and should be used, AND ADDED TO.  If they are not dead, the liars are still producing a track record of false accusations.  That sort of thing can and should be fought.

Monday, September 1, 2014

No plan.

How is this acceptable?

No plan for dealing with ISIS.

It’s not like “Kill them before they kill us.” is a mental leap.   Or if you want to sound diplomatic go with “Military and diplomatic preemption of hostilities” but “I don’t know.” is simply NEVER going to cut it.  Not even for Obama.

Even for him, that’s just WEAK.  I thought Obama was supposed to be this super intelligent constitutional law professor who was fully qualified to serve as commander-in-chief. This looks like a sophomore terrified of offending any of his professors.

Has he not learned anything from his repeated encounters with jihadi groups throughout his presidency?  Apparently not.  The only thing Obama’s constitutional training has brought us is a President who is constitutionally incapable of using force to protect our citizens.  This is not a good thing in a commander in chief.  Perhaps he thought he could just “Not Do” that part of the job.   If so, he is mistaken.

Quite simply, this is not a good time for “Peace” in the world.   ISIS, Putin, China’s shiny new navy ( did you know China is BUILDING islands so they can claim territory?) all seem to be intent on pushing hostilities with the US over the brink of war.    

While Obama stands mute.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


A new angle of attack on my least favorite president popped in to my head the other day and it’s interesting enough to merit writing about.  There’s truth to it, but is it true?  Judge for yourself.

Obama has been conceited, petulant, and hostile to advice from EVERYBODY even those that would be his friends.  In fact he’s so predictable about taking his ball and going home that nobody plans on him being around anymore.  He won’t even debate or defend his positions; all he does is act insulted.  He’s the one person who can never be wrong, at least in his own mind.  He refuses to take care of anyone he is responsible for, especially those he does not like such as our military and vets, and regards obedience from all people as merely his due. Nobody has to like him – they’ve only got to OBEY his every whim, and his cheerleaders had damn well better drown out any and all opposition.  That’s what they’re paid for after all.

I’m neither the first nor the last to make these assertions – They are everywhere.  But it occurred to me the other night looking at the latest complaints about Congress that all these things are all true about the Congress as well.  Obama you see is setting the example, and Reps and Senators on both sides are following it.  Seriously, go back through the last paragraph and see if you think it all applies.  I was stunned, and I thought of it.  (There’s probably 0% chance that nobody else thought of it first, but I got here on my own.)

Whether he means to or not Obama sets an example by his conduct.  There is no way to avoid that and it is consistently, consciously or not, mirrored by the rest of the government, on both sides of the isle.  Even doing nothing sets an example – and we see it followed in the Congress daily by members of both parties.

Hiding from work sets the Example of hiding from work, inappropriately long vacations set the example of inappropriately long vacations, etcetera.  And of course not getting anything done…

It’s food for thought anyway.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Honestly, this entire situation is hell of a mess. The first thing EVERYBODY should remember at all times, so we don’t kill each other, is that regardless of whom (if anyone) you support this is a TRAGEDY.  There is no upside for anyone in this. There was never going to be.

We’ll see what happens tonight with the National Guard out, but I think they will be tested at a bare minimum.  (By now YOU know what happened, but I have to predict the future.)  

I believe that the most urgent issue for the actual residents of Ferguson RIGHT NOW, is making sure all the riot and looter tourists don’t burn down the whole damn town.  I heard they tried to burn down a grocery store last night.   Ferguson might just need one or two of those, assuming the residents eat. Those professional criminals are not friends to the people of Ferguson.

I strongly suspect, if they would just analyze the home addresses of the arrested they  could stop the outsiders at least.  To do that, yes, they’ll have to start arresting people.  Then they sort out who lives in town, and who is a professional looter or professional rioter.  Both Police and Press should look at home addresses, specifically for Out of Towners.  I truly believe it will be telling, and could at least give the police a chance to charge the organized rioters and looters as such.

This REALLY needs to work.  The ONLY place left that the cops can go if it does not is Martial Law.  This is a HORRENDOUS idea, but there you go.  Failure to stop the nightly rioting is simply UNACCEPTABLE to all levels of government and the police. The pressure is just going to get worse and worse until it’s stopped.

Monday, August 4, 2014


I read a story just now about how Mitt Romney is going to be the darling of the Republican Party 2016.  I’ve been reading things like this from time to time for months.  Lest this horrible idea get out of hand, I’m going to crush this stupidity now.  HOPEFULLY in the process I’ll restore a few diehards to something resembling sanity.

My simple complaint?  Romney didn’t fight.  I don’t know if he doesn’t know how, or if he was unwilling, or if he hired people who he allowed to “hold him back.”  There is simply no excuse good enough for his performance.  Perhaps the meek will inherit the earth.  They aren’t going to win the Presidency. Not in 2016. 

People have seen President Obama petulant, smarmy, smug and unwilling to commit any act that looks like leadership for far too long now.  He’s obviously decided to take his ball and go home, ALONE, for the rest of his term while ignoring any responsibility that he’s not fond of.  That’s not leadership. It’s the antithesis of leadership. There is a real opening here IF WE ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT.

Do you remember?  It was as if Mitt assumed that the Presidency was his birthright!   As if he thought he was so damn well connected that he didn’t have to convince anybody!  All the way through the campaign I was screaming in my head “FIGHT GOD DAMN YOU! FIGHT!”  But no – soft spoken wimpyness was the order of the day.

That is NOT how you win an election in America.  Candidates must show that they can fight for what is right, and get people fired up to fight with them.  They must convince the people that THEY are the best choice even if the people don’t want to be convinced.  Most important, they must continue to inspire – every day, from the time they decide to run until the time they leave office.  Mitt Romney allegedly had to be talked into running by his family.  That’s sweet, but hardly inspiring. 

When Candy Crowley jumped into the debate and said he was wrong, did he invite her up on stage since it was 2-on-1 anyway?  No.  Did he even say “No, I’m right?”  No. He gave up.  HE WOULDN’T EVEN DEMONSTRATE THE CONFIDENCE TO STAND BEHIND HIS OWN WORDS.  I’d have accepted it if he’d done it badly- but he didn’t even TRY. 

And that’s more or less the story of Romney’s whole campaign.

Do you want to have him mess up ANOTHER election?  No. He had his shot and frankly, didn’t take it.  We need someone else. 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Now, I love Sarah Palin, I really do.  She terrifies the left by existing and willingly draws fire away when lefties attack the right.  I admire her – but she got this one wrong. 

The democrats, you see are actually praying that Republicans do impeach the President and remove him from office.  As things stand Obama is their albatross.  He hangs around the neck of the DNC and holds them responsible, in part or in whole, for each and every Obama scandal.  His “sins” are theirs.

The only thing that can free them from the albatross is us.  I don’t want to and you shouldn’t want to either.  Impeaching him would absolve the Democrats of all responsibility for all of his scandals.  ALL of his disastrous decisions will no longer matter.  Then the Republican Party will once again be the party of racists.  This is the only thing that could possibly save the Democrats in 2016.

A few nuts and bolts.  It only takes a simple majority of the House of Representatives to impeach.  We could do this tomorrow.  BUT it requires two thirds of the Senate to remove him from office.  That is in fact the only sentence they can hand down.  It has never been done. (I swear to God, Clinton enjoyed the process because in the end it was not even a slap on the wrist.  He still brags about it.)   I think we will get more than half of the Senate seats in 2014, but not two thirds.  It doesn’t matter if we succeed or fail to remove him from office, not only do we give up every advantage we have, we will turn Obama into a living martyr.  And he is going to live a long time.

You see, no matter how we squirm, it comes back to the fact he is the first black President.  The only way to make sure no future President is ever excused for his incompetence by his skin color alone is to have someone to point at and say “Never Again!”  Obama will be the guy.

I understand impeachment is an attractive idea.  We all want to get that narcissist the hell out of there.  But, if we impeach him, the people that put him there will walk away from all responsibility and they will quickly put another idiot in charge. Then we have to do this all over again.

So, Mrs. Palin, I respectfully must disagree with you.  We need to leave the Obamatross around the neck of the Democrat Party.  Impeaching him is quite simply the dumbest thing we could do.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How many exactly?

Just how many rockets should Hamas be allowed to shoot at Israeli population centers every month?  Come on guy-on-the-left-who’s-last-name-rhymes-with-Scary&Hairy? What’s acceptable, Secretary Kerry?  As long as you are running your mouth off-mic anyway, put it out there for us! We are but the poor unthinking mob, John! What would you like us to think? I want to know!  I really, really do! No doubt I will be accused of taking advantage of an off mic comment, to which I respond “SO?” Talk to me, Mr. Secretary…

Still waiting…

Oh darn! I guess he loves me not.  And it was such a nice day too.  Why is it that no one EVER thinks to ask that of him?  I’m doomed to the loneliness of the wordsmith…

I’m not kidding about that.  Why should I, or anybody else, accept an answer greater than zero?  Why should Israel accept an answer that I wouldn’t?  Why does our Secretary of State not have an answer to that question?  Carnac the Great would say his answer is  “I’ve already answered that question!” Link please? This translates as “Prove it, and pray you said what you thought you said” I am old enough to actually REMEMBER Johnny Carson.  Of course,  Kerry’s a politician and I’m sure he’s tried to say everything at least once on the record just for folks like me…(I wield so much power…) and the people who hired him- because it’s what he’s paid for. Or in the words of his predecessor “What difference does it make?” Out of context you say? I’m not so sure…

The great Greg Gutfeld has summarized the liberal argument to date on THE FIVE as something to the effect that “the Anti- Israel argument seems to be that Hamas bombs aren’t very good. “ SO CLOSE, Greg!  The bombs are fine – the AIM stinks.  What Hamas should do is dig a bunch of tunnels well into Israel so that they could just literally walk the bombs or whatever over to the targets…

You know, the same way I ask you to think with…

Monday, July 14, 2014


Lots of people spend lots of time trying to explain Israel’s position as it relates to the Gaza Strip.  Mostly they fail, so I thought I’d join the group because I am such a big joiner.

Now many people start with Mexico firing rockets into the US (actually they are firing children, but that’s a different rant) and how we would be at war with Mexico in about 15 minutes.  But that’s not a good example because it is much more complicated than that. 

To put it in terms that are understandable, let’s say that Chris Christie and the rest of New Jersey start launching rockets into New York City.  Because they want to.  I mean face it, New Yorkers are annoying and damn proud of that fact.  So, can you really blame New Jersey? (It’s almost TEXAS like…)

Governor Cuomo is of course distraught and immediately goes screaming to Obama.  Obama does nothing (because that’s what he’s good at).  When Cuomo petitions Congress he is told “No! You can’t pick on New Jersey.  They are just misunderstood!”  All this happens while rockets continue to rain down on New York. Faced with this rejection, Cuomo decides to try to do something so he counterattacks and destroys a few of New Jersey’s launchers along with the people that were trying to fire the rockets.

The Congress immediately condemns New York for war crimes.  Humanitarian aid is sent to New Jersey. Unfortunately it is quickly discovered that more rockets and launchers count as humanitarian aid in the eyes of Congress and surrounding states.  Meanwhile rockets continue to rain down on New York. 

Congress convinces New York to give Manhattan Island to New Jersey so they will stop launching rockets at New Yorkers.  Not only does this not work, but it is very hard on Queens and Brooklyn.  Any attempt to stop the rocket attacks is condemned by Congress and all surrounding states.  Continue to play this unwinnable game for 60 years.

Now you understand Israel and the Gaza Strip.

My apologies to Chris Christie, but since you are already doomed to wear the black hat, wear it proudly.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Leper colony Obama Built

No, he really DID build that.

Political considerations aside, the United States is at risk of an epidemic breaking out in the immigration camps and spreading across the U.S.  What they have found so far: They are swimming in Lice, Scabies (at least one border patrol agent has been infected already) Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, Chicken Pox, Measles, MRSA ( drug resistant Staph Infections) and Strep (the real stuff that can kill you.) The only thing we are missing, so far, is leprosy.  But, there is always tomorrow.

Now some people would say I’m delusional, but you see we really can’t find out what’s going on in the “camps”.  They won’t even let Congressmen in to the facilities in their own districts.  The BCFS, a Health and Human Services subcontractor, who call themselves "Brown Shirts” are attempting to control access and ruling through “Brown Shirt Law,”  which seems to have nothing to do with any legal system.  (“Brown Shirts” + “Camps!!?!”)

Indeed BCFS has gone so far as to issue “gag orders” to medical personnel with the threat of arrest for speaking of conditions in the camps.  Presumably they do this with HHS authority.  Happily, many of these medical personnel have replied with their middle fingers in response.  This is why we know what we know, which is that this is a disaster in the making. 

Under these circumstances, I would actually endorse the governors of these states calling out the National Guard in numbers great enough (I’m thinking battalion minimum, per camp) to overwhelm the so-called “Brown Shirts” and do a full inspection of the camps.  This is clear and present health threat to their communities.  Bring the Press.  They will love you.  For fifteen minutes. 

And where the HELL is the Center for Disease Control?  They say they have sent people to “monitor” the situation.  Are you kidding me?  This is EXACTLY the kind of situation they were created for!  They are the ones who can stop this from getting out of the camps!  I want and we need a full deployment with maximum effort so that we don’t have a full on pandemic.  Maybe we can stop it in the camps instead of in the school rooms. 

I gather that this is not what Obama had in mind.  Honestly, I doubt he thought about disease at all but we have it now.  Everything that happens next is on him.

Is Obama’s ego more important than a pandemic?   We are about to find out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In Simple Terms, THEY LIE

As expected, hand in hand with the latest Supreme Court’s decision, the Democrats are accusing Republicans of denying access to all birth control.  I know you are shocked but as usual THEY LIE.  I am going to tell you how to fight this. Let me be clear, they lie and they know they lie.  This is no longer an argument.  This is a fight.  If you try to treat it like an argument you are going to get stomped.  DON’T DO THAT. 

Democrats operate under the assumption that a woman’s body is her own business.  That is true if I am not paying for it.  My dog’s body is his own business, right up until I have to pay for his food or medical care, then it becomes my business.  See how that works?  Once I pay for it, it is very much my business.  And, my dog need not approve of my choices. He eats the brand of dog food I buy.  So, if I am paying for your medical care, for your contraception, that MAKES IT my business.  If I don’t want to pay  abortifacient, (drugs that can or do cause an abortion), I get to make that call.  It does not mean you cannot get those drugs; it just means I’m not going to buy them for you. 

Now with a corporation or business, there are one or many owners.  What the company spends money on is the business of those owners.  It is their money.  If the owner or a simple majority of shareholders don’t want to pay for  abortifacient, they don’t have to for the same reason that I personally don’t have to.  I don’t want to pay is reason enough.  My reason could be religion or hubris or I could just be a cheapskate. It’s all legal according to the Constitution.

Interestingly enough, all of this also means that if the government pays for these services your body is now the government’s business, and it can make you fill out lots of paperwork for something it may or may not decide to give you for any reason or no reason at all.  (SEE: Veterans Administration)

I believe I said this, but in simple terms Democrats lie about this.  They say, “Republicans want to take away your reproductive rights!”  It is short, sweet and to the point.  That’s the kind of lie that wins arguments or at least drowns out the opposition.  The correct response, in a fight, is the shorter, sweeter and much pointier “YOU LIE!”

It is NOT “Liar” because that’s more of a definition or defense; whereas, “YOU LIE!” is an accusation and, more importantly, a counter attack.  Remember this is not an argument.  This is a FIGHT!  And, if you don’t want to pay for an abortifacient you better learn to fight.

Go forth and conquer!

Thus endeth the lesson.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dirge for the race card

A twitter friend of mine requested a rant about how the Mainstream Media utterly ignore absolutely anything that makes Obama look bad, and asked if I thought it was race related.

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I almost break my neck because some idiot won’t let us use coal to power the damn lights…  But I suppose that’s a different issue.

To the best of my knowledge and memory, the feud between the liberal media and conservatives started getting cutthroat around the time of the fall of Dan Rather. He had been head anchorman of CBS for over 20 years at that point, and was generally respected throughout the journalistic community.

In essence Rather failed to vet documents that allegedly proved G.W. Bush failed to complete his term of service with the Air National Guard and ran it as straight news.  Ultimately he resigned, undoubtedly under duress.  For the first time, the internet had landed and gutted a VERY big, VERY liberal MSM fish for lying. The MSM would NEVER go unchallenged again.  This was the shot heard round the media, if you will.

Nothing about that really involved race.  It did however morph into a Left/MSM vs. Right/internet media war that continues to this day.  And the MSM is losing.

Before Obama came along, there were MANY black politicians using the race card to preempt anyone who wanted to say anything bad about a black legislator. Its use was Standard Operating Procedure for a long time. Any and all criticism was called racist in spite of any evidence to the contrary.

Obama did not invent that.  He learned it at the feet of the masters and unsurprisingly became one himself.

I believe that the majority of the MSM was delighted that Obama was black.  They thought it would give THEM the ability to use the race card by proxy. Obama himself would be absolutely untouchable.  When challenged the response would be the race card and that was supposed to preempt any and all disagreement. Nobody was supposed to be able to politically survive an accusation of racism regardless of the truth.

I don’t believe most MSM reporters ever thought race card could be worn out. But by the time they realized calling everybody racist was no longer working, they were too invested in Obama and had nowhere to go if they could get loose. They are stuck because too much evidence of bias and partisanship is now in the hands of right wing bloggers.  New Media knows exactly how to use it against the MSM and, frankly, is foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs.

So is their protection of Obama due to race?  Kind of.  They thought they had a great weapon in the first black president, a weapon the left simply could not use with a white president because they couldn’t call all opposition racist. They were correct about that actually – and it took quite some time for everyone to become indifferent to the constant accusations of racism. The race care did eventually wear out.  

Monday, June 23, 2014


Short and to the point, the IRS has been politically exploited; it has been TAINTED and can no longer serve its function as an apolitical entity.  It must be destroyed.

It does not matter who is at fault for this. Everyone knows it can be done and exactly how to do it. The IRS is now a broken tool and can never be fully trusted again.  They had a great run, but it’s over now.  Ultimately it will have to be replaced by something that MUST answer to ALL branches of government, not simply to one man (or person.)   I would make it, BY LAW, forced to keep 100% of ALL documents produced, EVER.   With a group separate from the IRS chain of command– Lets call them Archivists – who can store and safeguard this information, and reproduce ANY of it upon request from ANY BRANCH. The Executive could appoint the head of the new (and unnamed) tax group while the Congress appoints the Head Archivist.

That’s the easy part.   The hard point would be the sudden influx of unemployed IRS people into the job market.  By which I mean EVERY CURRENT IRS EMPLOYEE WOULD BE UNEMPLOYED.  This would not necessarily preclude them from future employment at the new agencies but would require that they apply for these jobs just like everybody else who’s ever been laid off or worked for a company that went bankrupt.

And they will SCREAM!  There will be a cacophony of wailing that puts any previous hissy fit in history to shame.  It will come from the ex-employees, and unions. Shrieking politicians from both sides will no doubt pander to the newly unemployed for votes (and some campaign contributions.)  There will be perfectly decent people that insist it would be a greater crime to put so many people out of work because of the actions of a few (very) guilty people.  But we must do what must be done (I feel very Sith-like today) so that the IRS can be replaced with an organization WITHOUT TAINT.  It will be Uncorrupted and much harder for ANYBODY to exploit politically, though ultimately somebody will figure out something. People are smart like that – and in the end, ANY government will ALWAYS require the vigilance of the governed.  

After all, it’s only “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Low hanging fruit (and other stuff)

Like many people, I found the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala suddenly made the interview of Hillary Clinton on FOX a hell of a lot more interesting.  I had a few thoughts on that interview and have expanded my thinking on the capture.

Face it, this guy was low-hanging fruit by his own (and perhaps others) design.  Could that have been part of the plan?   I gather he showed up in the opening stages of the attack doing things that made great video.  For Al-Qaeda, no less,  who shot the video. His starring role could have been scripted either to provide a buffer for the true leaders or to spread misinformation when he was captured.  Or both.  Jihadists aren’t big on technology, but history leads me to believe that they are good and getting better at sneaky.  I find myself hoping that the Obama’s administration has taken that into account.  At the end of the day we didn’t pick that fruit, we tripped over it.  Multiple times.

The right encouragement from Clerics/Politicians (remember they can be the same thing in the Muslim world) could have easily persuaded Khattala to be a willing star of the movemnent.  A threat, a bribe or both, if it could be managed, could have overcome any reluctance on his part.  Or it could have even been on the spot improvisation that paid off, though that seems less likely.

During the Hillary’s interview one thing that stood out in my mind when Hillary was asked about the night of Benghazi was how she explained that she was not in the loop but was watching the loop. With respect, if you can watch that loop you are in it.

While I have come to believe that Obama is actually incapable of making a snap decision, that is not a problem that Hillary Clinton has ever had. Her snap decision was to cover her butt by producing excuses all around in textbook Clinton fashion.  Instead of attacking the problem and taking any action to relieve those on the ground she watched the loop.  That is not good enough.  The state department is expected to act, “fog of war” or no.  Hillary chose to blame or help blame somebody else. If she was overruled so-be it, but she will never escape the lack of action produced that night while she was, in-fact, in the loop.

I know she knows how to throw a lamp.  I always thought it was her highest qualification for Secretary of State. It would have been an improvement.

In general, her responses all seemed aimed at making herself the lone voice of sanity who was constantly overruled by the weak man that she worked for. But She never quite put it that way.  That probably appeals to somebody else…

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Force Works

Literally, as I was walking across the room to sit down and write this, I heard about the school shooting in Oregon.   Prayers to all concerned.

My timing just became atrocious, but I mastered bad timing long ago.  Besides, this is as true today as it was yesterday and probably will be tomorrow.

I want inner city minorities to buy guns.

I really do!

Armed and trained legal gun owners are the best chance of making crime too dangerous for criminals.  When people can protect themselves, crime becomes very risky.  Who wants to get shot by a little old lady protecting her Social Security check? Who wants to rob a convenience store when the customers might just be better armed than the robber is?  Force Works. It has for centuries.

The simple truth is that any individual is the first and the last person who can protect himself and his home. An armed person does it better. The police will try, and nobody’s better at it then they are.  But when is the last time you saw a real world fight last longer than one minute.  The police aren’t THAT fast, so it’s usually up to the person who didn’t want to be in that violent situation.

It baffles me why the inner cities tend to be Democrat Party strongholds.  In Chicago for instance, it has become so violent that there is no way for the police to protect everybody.   If a Chicagoan tries to protect himself in a way that works however, HE goes to jail.  In what world does this make sense?  The only legal option left is to be a willing victim.  Now THAT is a racist policy and it’s all from the Left.

A gun is not a magic wand, and isn’t a cure all for the entire world’s evil.  I frequently hear that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”   Notice how they say nothing about skin color?  It’s not an accident.  Good people come in all colors.  But in spite of all the Gun Control fanatics will say and do (or not do) having some chance STILL beats the hell out of having no chance at all. The Right would like all people to protect themselves as best they can, regardless of color.   The left would have permanent victims. 

So, who’s the racist?

Monday, June 9, 2014

How many?

Like most, I have been following the Bergdahl trade.  I have been outraged by the stupidity, and the question of whether or not Bergdahl will be court martialed.  Also I’ve been somewhat entertained that this brilliant diplomacy blew up in Obama’s face and he’s now catching criticism from former Yes Men and Women about it.  Does bipartisan fury make him at long last a uniter?  Still, even though Obama’s dance through the minefield was not without incident, he got what he wanted, just not the way he wanted it.  We’ve been distracted from the VA scandal.  If you are reading this on Tuesday the 10th tomorrow it will have been a week since Bergdhal pushed the VA scandal out of the headlines.

Even though the Bergdahl trade infuriates everyone (as it should,) the truth is that story is going to move very slowly. We should not be distracted from the Veterans that need help RIGHT NOW.  So in an effort to refocus the outrage in a direction that will do some good, I ask this one simple question in hopes it will be shouted from the rooftops!  I want to inspire people who know better than I how to get answers to do so NOW.

How many Veterans died on the waiting lists this week?

I want to know.  I want a number that I can use to hit this issue, hard, until changes are actually made.  A number that reminds people that this is not over.  The fact is that nothing has actually changed. I want to stop this shameful situation and to hold people responsible. We need to stay on it.  Politicians tend to think that talking about an issue is the same as actually making a change.   They are wrong.  Whatever sideshow Obama manages to produce, our Veterans continue to die while we are looking elsewhere.  That is still not good enough, and I will remain furious until it is changed.  It is my hope that enough people ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE also remember that they are angry, and why, and DO SOMETHING about this instead of just talking.  The treatment of our Veterans has never been a Right/Left issue. It’s a basic responsibility.  A promise made.  How many die before we can fix it?  How many we will LET die to protect the President’s prestige? We cannot ignore the fact that time = more dead Veterans.

To continue to allow this is shameful. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Democrat Party is in a quandary

They’ve been in one for six years now – but they’ve finally noticed.  What’s it going to be? The party of Obama the first?  He won’t  be president past 2016 without a civil war, and the Democrat Party will be needing some of the power they gave him back before it falls to a Republican.

But in an apparent Imperial Presidency, how do Democrats hold their own power when it’s all been given unreservedly, by them, to the Imperial President? 

Whoever is next, and there’s a good chance it will be a Republican, will have whatever power Obama has.  There’s a very urgent need to reduce the power of the president before that happens.  But what do you do when the Republicans will probably control both houses of Congress before that happens? What happens if Republicans can rubberstamp an imperial president?

One of the problems of the Dem Party reclaiming power is that any exercise of free will is going to definitely irritate The One.  It always has after all. That would be the guy that Democrats told he was the Democrat Messiah.  It’s Inconvenient when somebody believes it like that.  They tend to act like they are God, and that lessens the party’s power.  Sweet reason no longer applies, unless it benefits him.  It’s ok with him if a servant (read anybody else) gets hurt though. In fact, it is what is owed to The One.  It’s awfully hard for even Democrats in Congress to profit if that’s the only deal in town.

Still, he’s not going to be there past 2016; They have got to protect themselves now.  To do that, they’ve got to reclaim some of the power they gave willy-nilly to the President and he won’t like that.

That’s what we are seeing with the Democrat Party scattered all over the map on the Bowe Bergdahl trade.  Politics hasn’t been this exciting since Rome.  Of course Exciting politics are always very bad for somebody, and that’s just not going to be a Republican.

This Democrat Party  fratricide is going to get much worse before it gets better. And of course, we should all do our part to assist. A big part of how bad it gets is entirely up to us so be as helpful as you can to our Democrat friends by pointing out these obstacles whenever they appear.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bitter Pills with Cold Comfort and Political Commentary.

I speak, of course, about the Bowe Bergdahl situation. Face it, this stinks on so many levels I’d consider getting myself tear gassed just to clear my sinuses if only that would work. (Yes, actually – they do that to everyone in basic)

When I first heard about this freakish disaster, I started to break it in to three levels and that still works, so I will continue. 

WASHINGTON D.C. (Or Obama and friends if you like.) 
This will be brief. It was wrong and illegal and stupid. If Obama, or the people that serve as his brain, thought he would get any political credit or good will from this, they were wrong.  All he did was put a bounty on Americans Citizens, and then pay it.  We are now going to see more of that and, pay or no pay; good people will suffer for this stupidity for years.

These were not foot soldiers they traded – They were top leaders with confirmed records of slaughter, who wanted and probably still want to slaughter Americans. They are not going home to raise goats in peace. We are going to see them again.

Based on what I’ve heard in the Media there is no way this guy should have been allowed in a Combat Unit.  While no one is a mind reader, the risk seems to have been widely apparent.  It’s not the sole or largest cause of this mess, but it is another thing that did not work when it could and should have.  It seems very close to what happened at Fort Hood, in that this guy should never have had the chance.

As for searching for him after he was gone, that was done correctly and with great courage.  If he was a traitor or even a deserter, getting him back was even more urgent.  The knowledge in his head had military value to the enemy, who was going to get it out of him period. Eventual torture was inevitable and most likely planned on as soon as they had him.  Our U.S. Forces had to try and get him back no matter what he did.  They did their duty, and God bless them for it.

THE IDIOT (at a bare minimum)
I don’t know for sure, yet, if this guy was a deserter or a spy/traitor, or a lost puppy chasing a butterfly through a mine field. What happened next was predictable and was not going to turn out well for him personally, whatever the truth.  Even if he was the lost puppy, bad things happen to puppies in Muslim nations. He should have known this. To them, he was never going to NOT be a servant of The Great Satan. (That’s us, if you didn’t know.)

The only good thing is that we have him.  We don’t know what kind of shape he’s in now.  We don’t know if we will be able or willing to reassemble a human being, who can assist in his own defense, out of whatever we got back.  Or if they should even try, frankly.  Whatever happens will happen in public at least. We won’t have to guess.  Even Obama can’t change that now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A little background. Over the weekend MSNBC host Toure tweeted that the Jews were able to recover from the concentration camps in WWII because of White Privilege.  (So did you want to trade with them?) There was quite naturally a twitter riot, and today (or at least I heard about it today) he made a sort of 3 tweet non-apology-apology.  Because 140 characters can’t possibly be “nuanced” enough for this discussion.

Maybe that’s true, but I remember a Jewish guy who was allegedly pretty smart once said “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it.” Name was Einstein? Anyway, what this White Privilege really says is it’s nice to have rich parents, and then slaps race on it. 

Now I would not trade my parents in for different ones, but it sure would have been nice if they were rich.  I could have struggled through that.  But that was not the case, and it seldom is.  It’s pretty easy for ANYONE to hate obnoxious silver-spooned-idiots, but they now come in all colors. Whatever its original merit – White Privilege has now become nothing more than a smokescreen for racism on the left.

One of the things smoke is used for in the military is to hide – so you can do your business without the enemy having a specific target to shoot at.  All they know is that you’re somewhere in the smoke, and best guess shooting doesn’t work very well.

One of the things my not rich parents taught me was a word – Sophistry. According to Google, it’s “The use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.”  Or according to me, a complicated argument to disguise your true motives or reasons for something you are doing.   This is not new or rare – it’s older than history.  Most people know it when they see it.  White Privilege Is used that way by racists on the left, and most people of all colors know it for exactly the BS that it is.  Most people care about your actions more than your excuse for them.  For some things, there is no good enough reason.  (Insert your own example here.) 

As for reparations for crimes long past (An issue that came up yet again in the White Privilege twitter riot), In America there is no inherited guilt.  The dead, like it or not, will either be judged by God, or by no one at all.  There is nothing that we can do now without punishing the innocent.  That we won’t do. 

Monday, May 26, 2014


I really doubt the President will read this, or ever know I exist, but I do hope he sees something similar from somebody.  All the time, in his face, until he acts. Like him or no, and for me it’s no, he IS the President and the “buck” has landed squarely on his desk, because at this point he’s the only one who CAN act. Congress can’t change anything.  And the Judicial branch can’t help unless someone is charged with a crime. It’s all on Obama’s shoulders.

We have heard lots of speeches from the President.  Slowly and painfully we have learned speeches are NOT action.  Another investigation is NOT action. This will be investigated for a decade regardless. On both sides of the isle we need to SEE action on this.  There is more than enough information to act on at this point, but we aren’t seeing any action.

General Shinseki and at least 19 others should be fired immediately.  That would show both seriousness and decisiveness, and it’s something we can see. Even if there is no stomach to fire them, yet, at the least they should be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of investigation.  Either way, they’re done and won’t be able to meddle. Those are actions we can SEE.

I’ve heard some people say “But then who’s going to fix the problems?”  or “They know the VA better than anybody so they should fix it.”  Well, apparently “They” don’t know, assuming they weren’t complicit.  The accused does not get to be in charge of the crime scene, and that may well turn out to be literal truth here.

I don’t know if Shinseki knew about this, but it does not matter.  It may not have been his fault, but it was definitely his responsibility. No former military man is going to be confused about that. Including Shinseki himself.

The other thing is vouchers.  They will save lives RIGHT NOW.  Whatever it costs congress will backfill eventually, because they have no choice.  The President has thrown money at MANY dumber things.  He is perfectly capable of throwing money someplace where it’s needed.   People will SEE this.  It will be good for the President and his party almost immediately.  And I will celebrate too, because of the Veterans.

Constitutionally, he is the ONLY person who has the authority to do all that needs to be done RIGHT NOW.  It is, in fact the PURPOSE of the Executive branch. The American people want action on this. We are furious.  What I WANT is to see the president attack this situation like Godzilla with a chainsaw on crack, IN SPITE of the good it will do him politically.   He’s the only one who can.  Our heroes are that important.  As they should be.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Obama has decided that the best way to deal with 5 Chinese Military hackers is to indict them publicly for cybercrimes.  The logic here escapes me completely, but this really happened.  China is of course deeply insulted about all this demanding of our ambassador that the U.S. withdraw the indictments.  All of this is perfectly predictable political theatre.

It may not be true that the Chinese have the best hackers in the world, but it is definitely true that they have the best organized hackers.  They are legendary. They have been doing this for a long time and they have earned their reputation.

At one time it was probably true that most of the hackers learned their trade right here in the U.S.   Since this hacking has been going on since at least the late 80’s they are well into their third generation of these hackers and probably can train them in China alone now.  That’s a capability that I would want, and I assume they want it as well.  It makes sense to not depend on your enemy to train your spies, (which is pretty much what hackers are.)

Spies don’t hold awards ceremonies because the best stolen secrets are the ones that your enemy does not know you have.  This can make it nearly impossible for a poor civilian (me) to keep track of what’s really going on in the world of hackers.  Still, I long ago concluded that as far as hackers go, the Chinese have been eating our lunch for a very long time.  I’d be delighted to be wrong, but I don’t think so.

Still, this is a very strange strategy.  These 5 men are probably not themselves the hackers, but most likely are their commanding officers.  They never left China and likely never will. In essence, all we are doing by indicting them is saying China steals military and industrial secrets from us, which is already well known by anyone who pays the slightest attention.

The Chinese may have lost some face over this, or pretend they did if it’s useful, but the only thing we are going to get out of this is their raised middle finger.

But if that’s the way we are going to do this then lets get some concrete gains.  As China (and hopefully Obama) by now well knows, International law only exists where it is enforced.  Not where you CAN enforce it, only where you DO enforce it.  So international law be damned.  Why don’t we fine them every time we find another Chinese hack into U.S. corporations or government/military computers? I’m thinking a billion a pop.  We just let them know that some of the debt they own is considered paid because of this hacking.  Now that will irritate them. 

They will probably threaten (or even try) to dump all our debt, but if we state that specific bond numbers are now invalid and won’t be paid, nobody will buy them or any other bond numbers, lest we decide to declare those worthless too.  That would put a dent in, or potentially eliminate a threat China enjoys holding over our heads.

We’d probably be condemned by the UN for it, but I figure we can just add it to the list.

Even the RUMOR of such a thing might set them back on their heels, which would be a good thing.


This might just be the only thing that Republicans and Democrats agree on this year, but it’s a big one.  Absolutely nobody on either side of the isle understands why our President and Commander in Chief is messing this up so badly. It’s quite simple really, but perhaps the President requires something to put on his teleprompter before he really gets it. I shall therefore attempt to do so.

The problem is quite simple really.  Our wounded veterans are supposed to be getting care from the VA in a timely manner, yet they are not.  This is a promise that we made to these men and women and one we have a moral obligation to fulfill.  WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT WE TOLD THEM WE WOULD DO: TAKE CARE OF THEM, PERIOD.

The problem arose when too many bureaucrats decided that if they couldn't fix the problem, maybe fixing the paperwork would be good enough.  This is the nature of bureaucracy, and is fairly common.  Their Management or Commanders are expected to step on some necks well before at minimum 60 vets die while waiting for lifesaving medical care.  This was all to earn bonuses and good reviews for pretty paperwork.

Whatever political party you belong to this is quite simply not good enough.  If you are human, this is not good enough. No one is debating any of this.

What our fearless leader fails to understand, or does not want to understand, is how we expect this to be dealt with, BY HIM.

First, relieve all the commanders/bureaucrats-in-charge of these institutions.  They are supposed to know better.  Just tell them that they are no longer in charge and that we’ll figure out what to do with them after the vets are taken care of.  Punishing them is not fixing the problem so do whatever you do AFTER THE VETS ARE CARED FOR.  Also, NO BONUSES THIS YEAR. Nobody gets to profit off the deaths of our heroes.

Care for as many as the VA can, and send the rest out with vouchers so they get that lifesaving care we promised.  I would expect Democrats to be absolutely wonderful at this. They love red ink. I expect Republicans to keep their word and spend what is required to get this done, RIGHT NOW!  And they don’t have to like it.

The President is expected to go forth and kick ass until this is done.  I don’t give a damn about his, or anyone else’s feelings on this one.

Make it happen.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh to be young and offensive!

I remember the days when one of my chief joys in life was to offend people.  That’s how I got good at it. Still I thought Harvard students were supposed to be smart.  I understand doing something to offend as many people as possible.  I get it.  It’s a kind of freedom and a kind of power. 

This Black Mass thing probably seemed like a good bet.  I mean all the Harvard kids did is find a group they don’t care for and stack the facts (or lack thereof) in the most offensive language possible. Best I’ve ever seen is CHRISTIANITY: A 2000 year old cult based upon ritual cannibalism. It’s technically true, and spectacularly offensive.  I once looked in to getting a bunch of t-shirts that said “Nuke a whale for Jesus Obama ” But I am too cheap or too broke or just too lazy to follow through with that. 

And I can’t believe Harvard brats have never seen this sort of thing before.  I would have expected that they have Affirmative Action cookie sales there from time to time. You know, the one where the darker a person’s skin, the less they pay for cookies?  There’s actually a point to that. It’s about Affirmative Action. (Just for the Harvard students.) I’ve got to ask though, was there a point to this Black Mass beyond offending random people? I mean, if you really want to promote the satanic lifestyle, join the Satanic Temple.  I’ll bet they let you in. It’s free advertising. Which is why they were so willing to help you do this.

I’ve met a few Satanists, mostly they are just ethical egoists on crack with some grudge or other against Christianity. Great for kids who want to piss off their parents. The rest of the time it just irritates people.  Also, there are easier ways to get sex. But enough about that.

I myself think that these “smart kids” should know that when you are trying to offend people, you should count on succeeding. However what The Sage of Hackberry Hill (a.k.a. Dad)  used to tell me is probably more appropriate.   Once I was allegedly too old to do stupid stuff just to see what would happen, he told me, “Each Generation thinks they are the ones who invented sin.  They are wrong.”

Thus endith the lesson.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Peace Offering

Now many people say that I am unfair in my criticism of the Democrat Party.  It may even be true from time to time.  In response I have decided to turn over a new leaf and help them out for a change.

This is a cheat sheet that you can copy and hand out to any Democrat who is confused about Democrat Doctrine. Now, I’ve never seen this written down anywhere (which is why so many Democrats are confused) but based on standard responses to similar situations, I have been able to infer much. I believe putting it down in one place will help you in your recruitment drives by laying out how to respond to us….I mean to the evil Republicans and Conservatives.  Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Democrat Doctrine

All white people who don’t agree with us are RACIST.

All Republicans are RACIST.

All non-white people who don’t agree with us are UNCLE TOMs.

Histrionics and Republican baiting are expected. After all everything IS THEIR FAULT!

No Democrat is ever racist no matter what they say or do, and hating white people is not racism.  It is the height of reason.

While we love the first amendment, free speech that criticizes ANY DEMOCRAT should be banned!

Guns are EVIL because somebody might use them to protect themselves or others or their constitutional rights. (which are also evil)

All Christians are EVIL.

Islam is just misunderstood. Once you get past the fact that they mostly want to kill us all, it’s a beautiful religion!

Climate Change will kill us all unless we give lots of money to useless organizations that Democrats just happen to own.

Climate Change means we must pass many laws that restrict Republicans – I meant big business – from making any profits lest they be used against us.

Violence and intimidation are against the law and therefore not approved of by the Democrat party – however, we will welcome you back as soon as you finish.

All negative information about Obamacare is a lie. Nobody has lost their insurance or their doctor, and the web site is fine!

While Eric Holder is Attorney General- no laws apply to democrats – including donors and anyone who practices voter intimidation that favors us! Of course anyone who objects to this is obviously Racist and/or an UNCLE TOM

It is my sincere hope that this summary will assist you in your recruitment of new members.

See! I’m VERY fair!

Monday, April 28, 2014


So, did Jeff Zucker ever really mean to “save” CNN?  Or was the plan always to squeeze the last bits of creditability out of it before it died and to use it to push a progressive agenda?

There is apparently a scandal over CHICAGOLAND an eight part CNN “Documentary” which, via emails found by the Chicago Tribune, was apparently revealed as a tightly scripted work of near fiction designed solely to make Rahm Emanuel look good on a national level. 

Now this isn’t exactly the first time that some network or another claiming to be reporting the news was revealed as a Progressive mouthpiece. Does anyone remember last summer when both CNN and NBC canceled Hillary programing designed to do exactly the same thing? CNN was going to do another “Documentary” and NBC was planning a Miniseries based around the former First Lady, who “may or may not” run for President in 2016.  Apparently they saw nothing wrong with it until the RNC threatened to boycott any debates CNN and NBC sponsored in the upcoming elections, or to allow them to broadcast any debate they participated in.  Both shows were cancelled.

That’s not the remarkable part. What is kind of amazing is how Jeff Zucker keeps throwing himself and CNN on their respective swords KNOWING they are going to get caught. Maybe he was going for “noble” and “tragic,” but from here, it looks more like “pathetic” and “somebody put these guys out of their misery.”

CNN could probably survive if they went back to hard news (I loved the 30 minute cycle) or put in some conservative commentators to balance out the bias, but Zucker obviously has no intention of doing so. This is sad.  It used to be if something big happened, CNN was the place to go. During the Gulf War even Saddam Hussein watched it because his forces stopped communicating with him (they were mostly too busy surrendering) but that’s been 23 years or so ago. 

I don’t really know when CNN decided that Pimping for the Progressives was more important than reporting the news, but it obviously happened and frankly it’s killing the network.  The sad part is that CNN has to know this, and keep doing it anyway. 

"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away. -- Shelly