Monday, June 23, 2014


Short and to the point, the IRS has been politically exploited; it has been TAINTED and can no longer serve its function as an apolitical entity.  It must be destroyed.

It does not matter who is at fault for this. Everyone knows it can be done and exactly how to do it. The IRS is now a broken tool and can never be fully trusted again.  They had a great run, but it’s over now.  Ultimately it will have to be replaced by something that MUST answer to ALL branches of government, not simply to one man (or person.)   I would make it, BY LAW, forced to keep 100% of ALL documents produced, EVER.   With a group separate from the IRS chain of command– Lets call them Archivists – who can store and safeguard this information, and reproduce ANY of it upon request from ANY BRANCH. The Executive could appoint the head of the new (and unnamed) tax group while the Congress appoints the Head Archivist.

That’s the easy part.   The hard point would be the sudden influx of unemployed IRS people into the job market.  By which I mean EVERY CURRENT IRS EMPLOYEE WOULD BE UNEMPLOYED.  This would not necessarily preclude them from future employment at the new agencies but would require that they apply for these jobs just like everybody else who’s ever been laid off or worked for a company that went bankrupt.

And they will SCREAM!  There will be a cacophony of wailing that puts any previous hissy fit in history to shame.  It will come from the ex-employees, and unions. Shrieking politicians from both sides will no doubt pander to the newly unemployed for votes (and some campaign contributions.)  There will be perfectly decent people that insist it would be a greater crime to put so many people out of work because of the actions of a few (very) guilty people.  But we must do what must be done (I feel very Sith-like today) so that the IRS can be replaced with an organization WITHOUT TAINT.  It will be Uncorrupted and much harder for ANYBODY to exploit politically, though ultimately somebody will figure out something. People are smart like that – and in the end, ANY government will ALWAYS require the vigilance of the governed.  

After all, it’s only “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

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