Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Force Works

Literally, as I was walking across the room to sit down and write this, I heard about the school shooting in Oregon.   Prayers to all concerned.

My timing just became atrocious, but I mastered bad timing long ago.  Besides, this is as true today as it was yesterday and probably will be tomorrow.

I want inner city minorities to buy guns.

I really do!

Armed and trained legal gun owners are the best chance of making crime too dangerous for criminals.  When people can protect themselves, crime becomes very risky.  Who wants to get shot by a little old lady protecting her Social Security check? Who wants to rob a convenience store when the customers might just be better armed than the robber is?  Force Works. It has for centuries.

The simple truth is that any individual is the first and the last person who can protect himself and his home. An armed person does it better. The police will try, and nobody’s better at it then they are.  But when is the last time you saw a real world fight last longer than one minute.  The police aren’t THAT fast, so it’s usually up to the person who didn’t want to be in that violent situation.

It baffles me why the inner cities tend to be Democrat Party strongholds.  In Chicago for instance, it has become so violent that there is no way for the police to protect everybody.   If a Chicagoan tries to protect himself in a way that works however, HE goes to jail.  In what world does this make sense?  The only legal option left is to be a willing victim.  Now THAT is a racist policy and it’s all from the Left.

A gun is not a magic wand, and isn’t a cure all for the entire world’s evil.  I frequently hear that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”   Notice how they say nothing about skin color?  It’s not an accident.  Good people come in all colors.  But in spite of all the Gun Control fanatics will say and do (or not do) having some chance STILL beats the hell out of having no chance at all. The Right would like all people to protect themselves as best they can, regardless of color.   The left would have permanent victims. 

So, who’s the racist?

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