Monday, March 31, 2014

Ministry of "Truth"

Heard about the all the scandals involving Democrats this year?  If so, you did not hear it from the MSM.  They don’t talk about Democrats unless it is a good for said Democrats.  On the other hand, they turn into a LYNCH MOB if they catch a conservative JAYWALKING. (Goggle Chris Christie) I watched it happen and I’m still not exactly sure why it was allowed to happen.  The press used to have allegiance only to the truth. Now they worship Obama, THE ONE, and the truth be damned.

You can find these scandals easily enough on line. They include IRS targeting Tea Party Groups, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, spying on fox reporter James Rosen, Obama Care,and leaking Intelligence to support a movie of all things. (I pray the consulting SEALs lied their collective asses off, but probably not.) Then there is obscene bankrolling of vacations for Michelle and the girls (Funny how they stay apart so much of the time.) and the attempt by the FCC to place a “Monitor” (Government Censor) in news rooms . (Seems the MSM can find their spine if they look for it.)  And of course, the latest atrocity is California State Senator Leland Yee who was, apparently, working as a Gun Smuggler on the one hand, and lobbying for gun control on the other. (No great mystery here, he was driving the prices up!) I could go on seemingly forever but that’s been done and done well by others on the web. 

No, this is about the MSM turning itself into the Democrat’s, and especially Obama’s, Ministry of Propaganda and Censorship.

It’s a running joke on Twitter.  Whenever they are forced, kicking and screaming, to comment on a Democrat scandal that the web has dragged into the light, they mostly “forget” to mention the offender is a Democrat.  It’s now far beyond reasonable doubt that the MSM has sold its soul to THE ONE.  They deny that, so I am forced to conclude that either they are CORRUPT to the core or SO STUPID that they should not be allowed sharp objects. (You know - like golf balls.) 

Make your choice MSM:  Do you want to be CORRUPT OR STUPID? Pick one, because nothing else fits the oh-so-very-available facts.  Now Obama is getting prepared to sensor free speech via a UN Security Council Veto. That’s what happens when you put the UN in charge of internet permits. Obama gets to deny any activity on the web completely outside of the US Constitution and Congress. This means Obama gave  the UN the internet to gain personal power.  Who cares about First Amendment freedoms if he gains the ability to sensor web content via UN Security Council veto. The MSM forgot to mention that one too. But now they’ve guaranteed that THEY will be censored if they cross the Party of The One.  Didn’t think of that, did you MSM? The attempt with the newsroom sensors should have tipped you off that he wants to sensor YOU TOO.


Once they were the embodiment of the First Amendment.  Now they’ve become the enemy of the free speech that they once embodied. I’d like to say I pity them. I really would. But I don’t. I just feel disgusted, and have a vague dark satisfaction that they sold themselves out along with the rest of us.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Racism and where I encounter it

Looking through the news, I decided reluctantly/eagerly that it was time to talk about racism yet again.  In the midst of pulling up information about the corruption in the Congressional Black Caucus, Ben Carson’s views about their policies, the history of Margaret Sanger and her STILL IN PROGRESS EUGENIC PLAN TO EXTERMINATE THE NEGRO (Google them people, Sanger might be the most evil woman in history.) I noticed how the stuff I was reading was already better researched and written than anything I could write in time for my deadline. So, I decided to jot down MY personal experiences and how I interpret them.

Honestly, the most common way that I experience Racism is in reaction to any time I say anything at all bad about Barak Obama.  I can be specific here because this has never happened to me with Arabs, Native Americans, Hispanics, or Asians. I suppose that could be a statistical fluke, but I’m betting no. In any case, whenever I make any detrimental remark about any black person, for any reason (it’s most often Obama – who for a long list of philosophic and performance based reasons I loathe) the reaction always seems to be YOU ARE WHITE AND THEREFORE A RACIST AND HOW DARE YOU NOT KNOW THIS YOU RACIST BASTARD!

As if a switch had been flipped, I am both EVIL and NO LONGER COUNT.  BECAUSE I AM WHITE.  That is Racist.  I am being pre-judged by my skin color. Yes, I just said black people can be and are Racists. There was even a Rasmussen poll which showed that even black people think black people are more likely to be Racists than non-blacks. I’m not sure whether to vilify Black Racists or congratulate them on becoming exactly what they say they hate.

 This is funny actually. While I may well end up in hell, it won’t be for racism, because I am not a racist.  My Mother marched for MLK in the south when it was dangerous.  Says MammaMeyhem: “People of Martin Luther King’s generation worked so hard to take racism out of the American vocabulary, and Obama has built a career out of putting it back in.”  I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap a few times, but If I had used a racist word I’m pretty sure she would have cut my tongue out, or at least grounded me for months and months. On top of that I served in the army- and everybody I met there was GREEN.  Including ME. That would be ARMY GREEN and is in no way related to Al Gore.

That I feel that I have to provide credentials is also ridiculous. However, in my defense, I know exactly what the first response to this “Rant” will be. But I changed it! Now it will be “Why do you gotta try so hard to prove you ain’t Racist?—YOU’RE RACIST!” which necessitates adding up to 12 words to the accusation.

I shouldn’t have bothered actually. The only working answer to the accusation can and must be “PROVE IT, CHILD MOLESTOR!”  Puts things nicely in perspective, I think.  And no, I am not kidding one little bit. I’d rather be an asshole than a racist

Oh, here’s that poll.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

He just won't learn, will he?

Once again, he won’t learn. Obama has given the control of the internet to the UN.  Prepare to be vetoed. Yes, you too MSM. Especially you in fact.

 Obama, who steadfastly refuses to learn exactly how weak he is, has apparently had another masterstroke. Actually it’s the same masterstroke as before that “people will like him if he just gives them everything they want.”  By want, I specifically mean yet another chance to use Obama’s stupidity to embarrass the United States and our moron of a President. 

Several nations have veto power over any UN decision. We are one of them actually.  Does anybody (besides our moronic President) actually think Putin will pass up such a spectacular opportunity? Especially post Crimea, Putin can be counted on to present yet another upraised middle finger to the USA in general and to our president, who can be counted on to DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Say bye-bye to our internet news. And any domain that would or does irritate Russia.  And China. And Jihadi nations. Or the floating member of the Security Council.

This stinks, my friends, because if you want a domain name, you have to kiss the ass of both Russia and China to get one, and probably a hefty fee, and stay on their good side hereafter. Obama wants to give away our freedom of speech.  Perhaps he somehow believes this time will be different? He fails to grasp that there are a multitude of Nations and National leaders who will embarrass the USA and our President, as often as they can, Just because they can.

Mr President: Nobody respects you and this kind of crap is why.  You have no sense of political survival, and no instinct to protect our nation.  None. I believe Putin as a matter of doctrine will screw up everything he can.  He doesn’t respect or like you and you supposedly represent us.   Also,  he really enjoys slapping you around. I don’t think he will ever resist the temptation, because I think he can’t.  Also, since you don’t build a really expensive navy if you don’t intend to use it, It’s not rocket science to predict that China and the USA are going to have major problems sooner rather than later. Up Until The handoff is done you can stop it – and you could even build a backdoor to take it back, but you won’t.

Or: Are you doing this purely to shut down all the bad press you get?  It supposedly wouldn’t be your fault and it would target all dissent. (I smell a Jarrett!)  AND You could veto anything you don’t like. That’s despicable and unconstitutional but then again that is exactly your speed isn’t it? 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Intent to Decieve

Intent to Deceive

didn't want to do Climate Change again, but as the Senate is having a  “slumber party” to discuss my last Rant,(what else could it be)  I feel the only appropriate action is to acknowledge their concerns and respect their forthright and well-reasoned, actions. Or something.

The reasoning behind their actions is quite clear to me at least. Since they aren’t going to be able to pass any Climate Change legislation, they must come up with SOMETHING to appropriately pander to their green lobby, and theater is probably the cheapest way to go.  Also it is an amazing opportunity to get drunk with like-minded people who will give weight to any ridiculous thing that comes out of their mouth, as long as they reciprocate.  They've got to keep those “Green Dollars” rolling in to the campaign coffers, even if it costs some sleep. Billions of tax dollars spent on things that simply do not work is no longer enough it seems.  Hell, if they can figure out a good way to spin Solyndra it might even be worth it!  Drunken inspiration happens, and you don’t USUALLY get arrested for it… but just in case, they specifically may not be arrested, for any reason, while congress is in session. Which makes the setting ideal for a mind numbing drunk doesn't it?

As a group who use the lie as a simple tool of the trade, Congress no doubt has a hard time holding people accountable.  After all, when people talk about honesty, Congress seldom comes out of the discussion unsullied.  If I’m the pot that calls the kettle black, well,  the Pot would absolutely recognize black on sight wouldn't it?  This makes their case harder to prove, not easier.

In the course of attending a school with an honor code, I was in fact required to attend classes about what makes a lie.  So was everybody else.  This does not make me special, but I do claim that I was forced to put some thought into it at one point. This means whether you agree or not, this is not unexplored territory for me.

What do all lies have in common?  It’s not words or gestures or how many people believe it.  It has nothing to do with who or whom you know or agree with.  It’s not based on getting caught.  It is simply an active or passive INTENT TO DECEIVE. This is why Climate Change as doctrine is failing fast.  Between Fudge Factors and Hiding the decline, the Science was faked with the Intent to Deceive and is no longer trusted. Climate Change won’t be trusted until the guys that lied are gone.  Those guys are done. Good luck with the new career.

The left however is particularly invested in Climate Change money, but discouraged greenies aren't going to kick in as much cash.   That’s actually a real problem for them.  It is not however my problem.  The other reason to have this Senate “slumber party” is simply that they don’t want to admit that they were lied to successfully.  They also are supposed to know lies when they see them though it’s more likely, they accepted those lies as expedient and profitable. Failure to call the liars on the lie will damage their reputation. They can’t have that.

In the end, this whole exercise is about begging an unhappy cash cow for permission to continue milking it.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding Trust

Last week I went over the assorted reasons climate scientists are not trusted. This week is what they, hopefully you, can do about it.

The first question of course is “Why should you care what those climate deniers think.”  Money.  If we don’t trust you, you aren’t getting any. We were conned once, by you and yours. We are now not just skeptical but pissed off at you.  Appallingly simple, no?

You may wish to beat your chest or whine about how that’s not fair.  My response is a very simple “I am not required to be fair.” mostly because that is the literal truth. Many no doubt lack the courage to tell you as much, but it’s the uncomplicated truth. If you didn’t need our good opinion or at least our funding, you would shut up and we’d both be much happier. That does not seem to be in the cards.  So bear in mind our trust was exploited and now it’s gone. Maybe it’s not your fault.  It is however still your problem.

You will never again have creditability on the level of that which you destroyed.  I actually think that’s a good thing, as power begs for abuse, but either way it is so.

1.       Build a provably working climate model to convince us that you actually know what’s happening.  You were probably hoping that no one would talk about how all the climate models don’t work. That’s not going to happen. I am convinced that at this point you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

2.      Telling us that everything that happens is caused by climate change is ineffective and insulting.  It’s pathetic really. Good weather, bad weather, storms, calms, droughts and floods all caused by climate change?  How about you find me a few things that are NOT caused by climate change, just so I can put them on the record? All the floundering around while blaming each and every event on climate change and foretelling disasters that never come, only convinces me that you are desperate. This does not inspire my trust.

3.      Understand that bankrupting the nation by jacking up taxes to fund “green” programs that don’t work is never going to be popular.  The way it has been presented to us so far makes the cure worse than the disease. This means no money and no sympathy for you. Making a living is hard enough at the moment – and NOT making a living is worse.  Asking for cash from people struggling to make ends meet is a losing proposition.

4.      Einstein himself once said, “ if you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it.”  You guys have that problem. Regardless of how stupid I may or may not be, making me understand what you are talking about is and always was YOUR BURDEN. Perhaps you should focus on that if you ever get the science straight.  You are in fact selling something I am not required to buy.

5.      If you insist on making climate change your religion you are very strange.  Science has no articles of the faith, which makes it impossible to be a heretic. Scientific Methodology is simply a very specific way to ask a question.  I know this because they teach it in 6th grade. We know when you skip stuff, and it doesn’t help me trust you. Also get the arithmetic right for god’s sake – one of the first places you got into trouble is when a glorified Canadian accountant said “Um Mr. Global warming scientists? I do math all day every day for a living and I can see you don’t…”

6.      Police yourselves!  When one of your colleagues makes a mistake. Maybe it’s an honest mistake or maybe it’s a lie, but either way, YOU are lying when you let it pass. This reflects on your whole group, so I really advise against it in the future.

The best way to earn trust is quite simply to be trustworthy.  Simple, not easy, but there it is.  I hope you learn.