Monday, March 10, 2014

Intent to Decieve

Intent to Deceive

didn't want to do Climate Change again, but as the Senate is having a  “slumber party” to discuss my last Rant,(what else could it be)  I feel the only appropriate action is to acknowledge their concerns and respect their forthright and well-reasoned, actions. Or something.

The reasoning behind their actions is quite clear to me at least. Since they aren’t going to be able to pass any Climate Change legislation, they must come up with SOMETHING to appropriately pander to their green lobby, and theater is probably the cheapest way to go.  Also it is an amazing opportunity to get drunk with like-minded people who will give weight to any ridiculous thing that comes out of their mouth, as long as they reciprocate.  They've got to keep those “Green Dollars” rolling in to the campaign coffers, even if it costs some sleep. Billions of tax dollars spent on things that simply do not work is no longer enough it seems.  Hell, if they can figure out a good way to spin Solyndra it might even be worth it!  Drunken inspiration happens, and you don’t USUALLY get arrested for it… but just in case, they specifically may not be arrested, for any reason, while congress is in session. Which makes the setting ideal for a mind numbing drunk doesn't it?

As a group who use the lie as a simple tool of the trade, Congress no doubt has a hard time holding people accountable.  After all, when people talk about honesty, Congress seldom comes out of the discussion unsullied.  If I’m the pot that calls the kettle black, well,  the Pot would absolutely recognize black on sight wouldn't it?  This makes their case harder to prove, not easier.

In the course of attending a school with an honor code, I was in fact required to attend classes about what makes a lie.  So was everybody else.  This does not make me special, but I do claim that I was forced to put some thought into it at one point. This means whether you agree or not, this is not unexplored territory for me.

What do all lies have in common?  It’s not words or gestures or how many people believe it.  It has nothing to do with who or whom you know or agree with.  It’s not based on getting caught.  It is simply an active or passive INTENT TO DECEIVE. This is why Climate Change as doctrine is failing fast.  Between Fudge Factors and Hiding the decline, the Science was faked with the Intent to Deceive and is no longer trusted. Climate Change won’t be trusted until the guys that lied are gone.  Those guys are done. Good luck with the new career.

The left however is particularly invested in Climate Change money, but discouraged greenies aren't going to kick in as much cash.   That’s actually a real problem for them.  It is not however my problem.  The other reason to have this Senate “slumber party” is simply that they don’t want to admit that they were lied to successfully.  They also are supposed to know lies when they see them though it’s more likely, they accepted those lies as expedient and profitable. Failure to call the liars on the lie will damage their reputation. They can’t have that.

In the end, this whole exercise is about begging an unhappy cash cow for permission to continue milking it.  

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