Monday, March 31, 2014

Ministry of "Truth"

Heard about the all the scandals involving Democrats this year?  If so, you did not hear it from the MSM.  They don’t talk about Democrats unless it is a good for said Democrats.  On the other hand, they turn into a LYNCH MOB if they catch a conservative JAYWALKING. (Goggle Chris Christie) I watched it happen and I’m still not exactly sure why it was allowed to happen.  The press used to have allegiance only to the truth. Now they worship Obama, THE ONE, and the truth be damned.

You can find these scandals easily enough on line. They include IRS targeting Tea Party Groups, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, spying on fox reporter James Rosen, Obama Care,and leaking Intelligence to support a movie of all things. (I pray the consulting SEALs lied their collective asses off, but probably not.) Then there is obscene bankrolling of vacations for Michelle and the girls (Funny how they stay apart so much of the time.) and the attempt by the FCC to place a “Monitor” (Government Censor) in news rooms . (Seems the MSM can find their spine if they look for it.)  And of course, the latest atrocity is California State Senator Leland Yee who was, apparently, working as a Gun Smuggler on the one hand, and lobbying for gun control on the other. (No great mystery here, he was driving the prices up!) I could go on seemingly forever but that’s been done and done well by others on the web. 

No, this is about the MSM turning itself into the Democrat’s, and especially Obama’s, Ministry of Propaganda and Censorship.

It’s a running joke on Twitter.  Whenever they are forced, kicking and screaming, to comment on a Democrat scandal that the web has dragged into the light, they mostly “forget” to mention the offender is a Democrat.  It’s now far beyond reasonable doubt that the MSM has sold its soul to THE ONE.  They deny that, so I am forced to conclude that either they are CORRUPT to the core or SO STUPID that they should not be allowed sharp objects. (You know - like golf balls.) 

Make your choice MSM:  Do you want to be CORRUPT OR STUPID? Pick one, because nothing else fits the oh-so-very-available facts.  Now Obama is getting prepared to sensor free speech via a UN Security Council Veto. That’s what happens when you put the UN in charge of internet permits. Obama gets to deny any activity on the web completely outside of the US Constitution and Congress. This means Obama gave  the UN the internet to gain personal power.  Who cares about First Amendment freedoms if he gains the ability to sensor web content via UN Security Council veto. The MSM forgot to mention that one too. But now they’ve guaranteed that THEY will be censored if they cross the Party of The One.  Didn’t think of that, did you MSM? The attempt with the newsroom sensors should have tipped you off that he wants to sensor YOU TOO.


Once they were the embodiment of the First Amendment.  Now they’ve become the enemy of the free speech that they once embodied. I’d like to say I pity them. I really would. But I don’t. I just feel disgusted, and have a vague dark satisfaction that they sold themselves out along with the rest of us.  

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