Monday, March 24, 2014

Racism and where I encounter it

Looking through the news, I decided reluctantly/eagerly that it was time to talk about racism yet again.  In the midst of pulling up information about the corruption in the Congressional Black Caucus, Ben Carson’s views about their policies, the history of Margaret Sanger and her STILL IN PROGRESS EUGENIC PLAN TO EXTERMINATE THE NEGRO (Google them people, Sanger might be the most evil woman in history.) I noticed how the stuff I was reading was already better researched and written than anything I could write in time for my deadline. So, I decided to jot down MY personal experiences and how I interpret them.

Honestly, the most common way that I experience Racism is in reaction to any time I say anything at all bad about Barak Obama.  I can be specific here because this has never happened to me with Arabs, Native Americans, Hispanics, or Asians. I suppose that could be a statistical fluke, but I’m betting no. In any case, whenever I make any detrimental remark about any black person, for any reason (it’s most often Obama – who for a long list of philosophic and performance based reasons I loathe) the reaction always seems to be YOU ARE WHITE AND THEREFORE A RACIST AND HOW DARE YOU NOT KNOW THIS YOU RACIST BASTARD!

As if a switch had been flipped, I am both EVIL and NO LONGER COUNT.  BECAUSE I AM WHITE.  That is Racist.  I am being pre-judged by my skin color. Yes, I just said black people can be and are Racists. There was even a Rasmussen poll which showed that even black people think black people are more likely to be Racists than non-blacks. I’m not sure whether to vilify Black Racists or congratulate them on becoming exactly what they say they hate.

 This is funny actually. While I may well end up in hell, it won’t be for racism, because I am not a racist.  My Mother marched for MLK in the south when it was dangerous.  Says MammaMeyhem: “People of Martin Luther King’s generation worked so hard to take racism out of the American vocabulary, and Obama has built a career out of putting it back in.”  I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap a few times, but If I had used a racist word I’m pretty sure she would have cut my tongue out, or at least grounded me for months and months. On top of that I served in the army- and everybody I met there was GREEN.  Including ME. That would be ARMY GREEN and is in no way related to Al Gore.

That I feel that I have to provide credentials is also ridiculous. However, in my defense, I know exactly what the first response to this “Rant” will be. But I changed it! Now it will be “Why do you gotta try so hard to prove you ain’t Racist?—YOU’RE RACIST!” which necessitates adding up to 12 words to the accusation.

I shouldn’t have bothered actually. The only working answer to the accusation can and must be “PROVE IT, CHILD MOLESTOR!”  Puts things nicely in perspective, I think.  And no, I am not kidding one little bit. I’d rather be an asshole than a racist

Oh, here’s that poll.

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