Thursday, March 20, 2014

He just won't learn, will he?

Once again, he won’t learn. Obama has given the control of the internet to the UN.  Prepare to be vetoed. Yes, you too MSM. Especially you in fact.

 Obama, who steadfastly refuses to learn exactly how weak he is, has apparently had another masterstroke. Actually it’s the same masterstroke as before that “people will like him if he just gives them everything they want.”  By want, I specifically mean yet another chance to use Obama’s stupidity to embarrass the United States and our moron of a President. 

Several nations have veto power over any UN decision. We are one of them actually.  Does anybody (besides our moronic President) actually think Putin will pass up such a spectacular opportunity? Especially post Crimea, Putin can be counted on to present yet another upraised middle finger to the USA in general and to our president, who can be counted on to DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Say bye-bye to our internet news. And any domain that would or does irritate Russia.  And China. And Jihadi nations. Or the floating member of the Security Council.

This stinks, my friends, because if you want a domain name, you have to kiss the ass of both Russia and China to get one, and probably a hefty fee, and stay on their good side hereafter. Obama wants to give away our freedom of speech.  Perhaps he somehow believes this time will be different? He fails to grasp that there are a multitude of Nations and National leaders who will embarrass the USA and our President, as often as they can, Just because they can.

Mr President: Nobody respects you and this kind of crap is why.  You have no sense of political survival, and no instinct to protect our nation.  None. I believe Putin as a matter of doctrine will screw up everything he can.  He doesn’t respect or like you and you supposedly represent us.   Also,  he really enjoys slapping you around. I don’t think he will ever resist the temptation, because I think he can’t.  Also, since you don’t build a really expensive navy if you don’t intend to use it, It’s not rocket science to predict that China and the USA are going to have major problems sooner rather than later. Up Until The handoff is done you can stop it – and you could even build a backdoor to take it back, but you won’t.

Or: Are you doing this purely to shut down all the bad press you get?  It supposedly wouldn’t be your fault and it would target all dissent. (I smell a Jarrett!)  AND You could veto anything you don’t like. That’s despicable and unconstitutional but then again that is exactly your speed isn’t it? 

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  1. Usurping the constitution is exactly what he's about. He's just the puppet!