Monday, May 5, 2014

Peace Offering

Now many people say that I am unfair in my criticism of the Democrat Party.  It may even be true from time to time.  In response I have decided to turn over a new leaf and help them out for a change.

This is a cheat sheet that you can copy and hand out to any Democrat who is confused about Democrat Doctrine. Now, I’ve never seen this written down anywhere (which is why so many Democrats are confused) but based on standard responses to similar situations, I have been able to infer much. I believe putting it down in one place will help you in your recruitment drives by laying out how to respond to us….I mean to the evil Republicans and Conservatives.  Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Democrat Doctrine

All white people who don’t agree with us are RACIST.

All Republicans are RACIST.

All non-white people who don’t agree with us are UNCLE TOMs.

Histrionics and Republican baiting are expected. After all everything IS THEIR FAULT!

No Democrat is ever racist no matter what they say or do, and hating white people is not racism.  It is the height of reason.

While we love the first amendment, free speech that criticizes ANY DEMOCRAT should be banned!

Guns are EVIL because somebody might use them to protect themselves or others or their constitutional rights. (which are also evil)

All Christians are EVIL.

Islam is just misunderstood. Once you get past the fact that they mostly want to kill us all, it’s a beautiful religion!

Climate Change will kill us all unless we give lots of money to useless organizations that Democrats just happen to own.

Climate Change means we must pass many laws that restrict Republicans – I meant big business – from making any profits lest they be used against us.

Violence and intimidation are against the law and therefore not approved of by the Democrat party – however, we will welcome you back as soon as you finish.

All negative information about Obamacare is a lie. Nobody has lost their insurance or their doctor, and the web site is fine!

While Eric Holder is Attorney General- no laws apply to democrats – including donors and anyone who practices voter intimidation that favors us! Of course anyone who objects to this is obviously Racist and/or an UNCLE TOM

It is my sincere hope that this summary will assist you in your recruitment of new members.

See! I’m VERY fair!

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