Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This might just be the only thing that Republicans and Democrats agree on this year, but it’s a big one.  Absolutely nobody on either side of the isle understands why our President and Commander in Chief is messing this up so badly. It’s quite simple really, but perhaps the President requires something to put on his teleprompter before he really gets it. I shall therefore attempt to do so.

The problem is quite simple really.  Our wounded veterans are supposed to be getting care from the VA in a timely manner, yet they are not.  This is a promise that we made to these men and women and one we have a moral obligation to fulfill.  WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT WE TOLD THEM WE WOULD DO: TAKE CARE OF THEM, PERIOD.

The problem arose when too many bureaucrats decided that if they couldn't fix the problem, maybe fixing the paperwork would be good enough.  This is the nature of bureaucracy, and is fairly common.  Their Management or Commanders are expected to step on some necks well before at minimum 60 vets die while waiting for lifesaving medical care.  This was all to earn bonuses and good reviews for pretty paperwork.

Whatever political party you belong to this is quite simply not good enough.  If you are human, this is not good enough. No one is debating any of this.

What our fearless leader fails to understand, or does not want to understand, is how we expect this to be dealt with, BY HIM.

First, relieve all the commanders/bureaucrats-in-charge of these institutions.  They are supposed to know better.  Just tell them that they are no longer in charge and that we’ll figure out what to do with them after the vets are taken care of.  Punishing them is not fixing the problem so do whatever you do AFTER THE VETS ARE CARED FOR.  Also, NO BONUSES THIS YEAR. Nobody gets to profit off the deaths of our heroes.

Care for as many as the VA can, and send the rest out with vouchers so they get that lifesaving care we promised.  I would expect Democrats to be absolutely wonderful at this. They love red ink. I expect Republicans to keep their word and spend what is required to get this done, RIGHT NOW!  And they don’t have to like it.

The President is expected to go forth and kick ass until this is done.  I don’t give a damn about his, or anyone else’s feelings on this one.

Make it happen.

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