Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh to be young and offensive!

I remember the days when one of my chief joys in life was to offend people.  That’s how I got good at it. Still I thought Harvard students were supposed to be smart.  I understand doing something to offend as many people as possible.  I get it.  It’s a kind of freedom and a kind of power. 

This Black Mass thing probably seemed like a good bet.  I mean all the Harvard kids did is find a group they don’t care for and stack the facts (or lack thereof) in the most offensive language possible. Best I’ve ever seen is CHRISTIANITY: A 2000 year old cult based upon ritual cannibalism. It’s technically true, and spectacularly offensive.  I once looked in to getting a bunch of t-shirts that said “Nuke a whale for Jesus Obama ” But I am too cheap or too broke or just too lazy to follow through with that. 

And I can’t believe Harvard brats have never seen this sort of thing before.  I would have expected that they have Affirmative Action cookie sales there from time to time. You know, the one where the darker a person’s skin, the less they pay for cookies?  There’s actually a point to that. It’s about Affirmative Action. (Just for the Harvard students.) I’ve got to ask though, was there a point to this Black Mass beyond offending random people? I mean, if you really want to promote the satanic lifestyle, join the Satanic Temple.  I’ll bet they let you in. It’s free advertising. Which is why they were so willing to help you do this.

I’ve met a few Satanists, mostly they are just ethical egoists on crack with some grudge or other against Christianity. Great for kids who want to piss off their parents. The rest of the time it just irritates people.  Also, there are easier ways to get sex. But enough about that.

I myself think that these “smart kids” should know that when you are trying to offend people, you should count on succeeding. However what The Sage of Hackberry Hill (a.k.a. Dad)  used to tell me is probably more appropriate.   Once I was allegedly too old to do stupid stuff just to see what would happen, he told me, “Each Generation thinks they are the ones who invented sin.  They are wrong.”

Thus endith the lesson.

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