Monday, May 26, 2014


I really doubt the President will read this, or ever know I exist, but I do hope he sees something similar from somebody.  All the time, in his face, until he acts. Like him or no, and for me it’s no, he IS the President and the “buck” has landed squarely on his desk, because at this point he’s the only one who CAN act. Congress can’t change anything.  And the Judicial branch can’t help unless someone is charged with a crime. It’s all on Obama’s shoulders.

We have heard lots of speeches from the President.  Slowly and painfully we have learned speeches are NOT action.  Another investigation is NOT action. This will be investigated for a decade regardless. On both sides of the isle we need to SEE action on this.  There is more than enough information to act on at this point, but we aren’t seeing any action.

General Shinseki and at least 19 others should be fired immediately.  That would show both seriousness and decisiveness, and it’s something we can see. Even if there is no stomach to fire them, yet, at the least they should be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of investigation.  Either way, they’re done and won’t be able to meddle. Those are actions we can SEE.

I’ve heard some people say “But then who’s going to fix the problems?”  or “They know the VA better than anybody so they should fix it.”  Well, apparently “They” don’t know, assuming they weren’t complicit.  The accused does not get to be in charge of the crime scene, and that may well turn out to be literal truth here.

I don’t know if Shinseki knew about this, but it does not matter.  It may not have been his fault, but it was definitely his responsibility. No former military man is going to be confused about that. Including Shinseki himself.

The other thing is vouchers.  They will save lives RIGHT NOW.  Whatever it costs congress will backfill eventually, because they have no choice.  The President has thrown money at MANY dumber things.  He is perfectly capable of throwing money someplace where it’s needed.   People will SEE this.  It will be good for the President and his party almost immediately.  And I will celebrate too, because of the Veterans.

Constitutionally, he is the ONLY person who has the authority to do all that needs to be done RIGHT NOW.  It is, in fact the PURPOSE of the Executive branch. The American people want action on this. We are furious.  What I WANT is to see the president attack this situation like Godzilla with a chainsaw on crack, IN SPITE of the good it will do him politically.   He’s the only one who can.  Our heroes are that important.  As they should be.

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