Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Greenies are this awesome dog treat that is supposed to keep your dog’s teeth clean.   My dogs love them!  I understand that they are made from actual Global Warning zealots, which means I love feeding them to my dog too!  As a bonus this means there is actually a use for these people, although I am a little concerned that my dogs might catch something.  I wouldn’t touch those cretins.

In a brief summary, we know that Climate Scientists have faked data and lied, and been well paid for it.  Unfortunately for them, now that they are carefully watched, they can’t seem to make an accurate forecast about anything relating to the climate. Also there are new green billionaires who lobby mercilessly to keep Climate Change in the media. They’d really like to keep their money and make more, so “contributions” abound. All of this, however, has been covered exhaustively - even by me.

As a cute capstone to the craziness take a look at VHEMT HERE. They are real…

The weirdest part of the Greenie movement though is where in the hell do they get all the zealots to go out and make trouble on their behalf?  And why would anyone want to put themselves and everyone else back into the Stone Age - much less under a headstone?

There have always been people promoting the end of the world and the one true path to survival.  There have always been snake oil salesmen and people willing to buy from them.  There have always been those so desperate to serve some higher purpose, ANY HIGHER PURPOSE, that they don’t read the fine print.  There have always been those people who are so desperate to be punished for sins real and imagined, from the loathsome to the banal.  There’s always been some people who are so full of rage that they take the first opportunity to expend it, aim be damned.

Global warming, I believe is simply the latest bandwagon.  This one is just painted bright green.  There’s a saying that “there’s nothing new under the sun.” 

I bet these teenagers hate it that that they’ve failed to be unique AGAIN.

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