Monday, September 1, 2014

No plan.

How is this acceptable?

No plan for dealing with ISIS.

It’s not like “Kill them before they kill us.” is a mental leap.   Or if you want to sound diplomatic go with “Military and diplomatic preemption of hostilities” but “I don’t know.” is simply NEVER going to cut it.  Not even for Obama.

Even for him, that’s just WEAK.  I thought Obama was supposed to be this super intelligent constitutional law professor who was fully qualified to serve as commander-in-chief. This looks like a sophomore terrified of offending any of his professors.

Has he not learned anything from his repeated encounters with jihadi groups throughout his presidency?  Apparently not.  The only thing Obama’s constitutional training has brought us is a President who is constitutionally incapable of using force to protect our citizens.  This is not a good thing in a commander in chief.  Perhaps he thought he could just “Not Do” that part of the job.   If so, he is mistaken.

Quite simply, this is not a good time for “Peace” in the world.   ISIS, Putin, China’s shiny new navy ( did you know China is BUILDING islands so they can claim territory?) all seem to be intent on pushing hostilities with the US over the brink of war.    

While Obama stands mute.

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