Tuesday, August 26, 2014


A new angle of attack on my least favorite president popped in to my head the other day and it’s interesting enough to merit writing about.  There’s truth to it, but is it true?  Judge for yourself.

Obama has been conceited, petulant, and hostile to advice from EVERYBODY even those that would be his friends.  In fact he’s so predictable about taking his ball and going home that nobody plans on him being around anymore.  He won’t even debate or defend his positions; all he does is act insulted.  He’s the one person who can never be wrong, at least in his own mind.  He refuses to take care of anyone he is responsible for, especially those he does not like such as our military and vets, and regards obedience from all people as merely his due. Nobody has to like him – they’ve only got to OBEY his every whim, and his cheerleaders had damn well better drown out any and all opposition.  That’s what they’re paid for after all.

I’m neither the first nor the last to make these assertions – They are everywhere.  But it occurred to me the other night looking at the latest complaints about Congress that all these things are all true about the Congress as well.  Obama you see is setting the example, and Reps and Senators on both sides are following it.  Seriously, go back through the last paragraph and see if you think it all applies.  I was stunned, and I thought of it.  (There’s probably 0% chance that nobody else thought of it first, but I got here on my own.)

Whether he means to or not Obama sets an example by his conduct.  There is no way to avoid that and it is consistently, consciously or not, mirrored by the rest of the government, on both sides of the isle.  Even doing nothing sets an example – and we see it followed in the Congress daily by members of both parties.

Hiding from work sets the Example of hiding from work, inappropriately long vacations set the example of inappropriately long vacations, etcetera.  And of course not getting anything done…

It’s food for thought anyway.

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