Monday, August 18, 2014


Honestly, this entire situation is hell of a mess. The first thing EVERYBODY should remember at all times, so we don’t kill each other, is that regardless of whom (if anyone) you support this is a TRAGEDY.  There is no upside for anyone in this. There was never going to be.

We’ll see what happens tonight with the National Guard out, but I think they will be tested at a bare minimum.  (By now YOU know what happened, but I have to predict the future.)  

I believe that the most urgent issue for the actual residents of Ferguson RIGHT NOW, is making sure all the riot and looter tourists don’t burn down the whole damn town.  I heard they tried to burn down a grocery store last night.   Ferguson might just need one or two of those, assuming the residents eat. Those professional criminals are not friends to the people of Ferguson.

I strongly suspect, if they would just analyze the home addresses of the arrested they  could stop the outsiders at least.  To do that, yes, they’ll have to start arresting people.  Then they sort out who lives in town, and who is a professional looter or professional rioter.  Both Police and Press should look at home addresses, specifically for Out of Towners.  I truly believe it will be telling, and could at least give the police a chance to charge the organized rioters and looters as such.

This REALLY needs to work.  The ONLY place left that the cops can go if it does not is Martial Law.  This is a HORRENDOUS idea, but there you go.  Failure to stop the nightly rioting is simply UNACCEPTABLE to all levels of government and the police. The pressure is just going to get worse and worse until it’s stopped.

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