Monday, July 7, 2014

The Leper colony Obama Built

No, he really DID build that.

Political considerations aside, the United States is at risk of an epidemic breaking out in the immigration camps and spreading across the U.S.  What they have found so far: They are swimming in Lice, Scabies (at least one border patrol agent has been infected already) Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, Chicken Pox, Measles, MRSA ( drug resistant Staph Infections) and Strep (the real stuff that can kill you.) The only thing we are missing, so far, is leprosy.  But, there is always tomorrow.

Now some people would say I’m delusional, but you see we really can’t find out what’s going on in the “camps”.  They won’t even let Congressmen in to the facilities in their own districts.  The BCFS, a Health and Human Services subcontractor, who call themselves "Brown Shirts” are attempting to control access and ruling through “Brown Shirt Law,”  which seems to have nothing to do with any legal system.  (“Brown Shirts” + “Camps!!?!”)

Indeed BCFS has gone so far as to issue “gag orders” to medical personnel with the threat of arrest for speaking of conditions in the camps.  Presumably they do this with HHS authority.  Happily, many of these medical personnel have replied with their middle fingers in response.  This is why we know what we know, which is that this is a disaster in the making. 

Under these circumstances, I would actually endorse the governors of these states calling out the National Guard in numbers great enough (I’m thinking battalion minimum, per camp) to overwhelm the so-called “Brown Shirts” and do a full inspection of the camps.  This is clear and present health threat to their communities.  Bring the Press.  They will love you.  For fifteen minutes. 

And where the HELL is the Center for Disease Control?  They say they have sent people to “monitor” the situation.  Are you kidding me?  This is EXACTLY the kind of situation they were created for!  They are the ones who can stop this from getting out of the camps!  I want and we need a full deployment with maximum effort so that we don’t have a full on pandemic.  Maybe we can stop it in the camps instead of in the school rooms. 

I gather that this is not what Obama had in mind.  Honestly, I doubt he thought about disease at all but we have it now.  Everything that happens next is on him.

Is Obama’s ego more important than a pandemic?   We are about to find out.

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