Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Everything points to a riot

There’s been too much preparation, planning and hype to avoid it, I think.   Everyone has decided.  Everyone is arming themselves and getting ready for hell.  THEY certainly believe IT’S coming.  I don’t believe it would make a difference even if they charge that cop with first degree murder.  Too much time, effort and money has been put into rioting.  They are GOING to do it. They’ve already decided.

It’s really sad, but the truth of what happened no longer counts.  I won’t pretend to know exactly what happened, though like everyone I have my theory.  But from the media to the protest groups nobody cares.  All that matters is that there is a supremely visible, widely televised riot so that assorted protest groups can justify their existence.  Maybe they can raise a little money and do some recruiting too.

Never mind the townspeople caught in the middle.  Living there is just their bad luck.  Never mind the businesses destroyed.  If you own a business you have too many dealings with “The Man” anyway!   It’s not like there’s already an unemployment problem. (Oh, wait…) At any rate there will be contracting jobs – if the owners have enough money to rebuild, and actually want to stay in the neighborhood.  They’re probably better off with an insurance payout anyway.  Assuming they have insurance.

And never mind the example set for the young.  They need to know that rioting, or a threat to do so can solve all problems!  If you aren’t getting what you want, BURN DOWN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!  (You can even get in some looting! Why should professional criminals make all the profits?) That fixes everything.