Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Well, I’m not going to try and spin this as a win.  We lost.  That sucks, but there it is.  Obama care speeds onwards like the runaway locomotive that it is.  Most people saw that coming too. However, we are not without gains of our own.  While the Democrat Party kept what they started with, they had to spend resources to do so. The pressure has highlighted some of their problems. Problems they like to pretend don’t exist.  I have been in a few disagreements over the course of my life, and there is nothing that brings you down to earth quite like that first hit to the face.  After that, everything is real.

Internally, the Republican Party has learned quite a few things.  Many were unpleasant, but they are things we need to know.  First we learned who is willing to fight on principal alone and at personal risk.  We need to know this. We need to know who, if nothing else, remembers which team they play for. Many will speak of cooler heads prevailing, but they weren’t prevailing. They were sitting on their hands, waiting for the “perfect moment.” That moment historically only happens when you make it happen. Some Republicans have forgotten that.

Obama Care itself seems to be its own worst enemy.  The rollout has been a disaster.  The Republicans did not do that.  The Obama administration did it.   In many minds, however, Republican talking points have been proven correct. Obama Care is only going to get worse. This may be the single biggest help that Republicans get in 2014.  People are going to remember who saw this coming and fought against it.  Those individuals are going to see their stock rise, while those who supported Obama Care try, and I hope fail, to put some distance between themselves and this catastrophe.

And of course there is the damage done personally by #PresidentStompyFoot and his #SpiteHouse edicts during the shutdown.  He couldn’t have been forced to do any of this; but he has harmed himself and his party.

The day of a million immigrant march on the National Mall, Obama decided to lock WWII veterans out of their own memorial in a fit of pique. Not only did some Congressional Democrats march out to support the immigrant rally, after the vets were locked out, and they intentionally got themselves arrested to show support of the immigrants.  But they stood mute instead of supporting our veterans. The only reason this wasn’t more widely known is because the MSM somehow forgot to report it until they looked stupid.  However, every time the media spins the news to protect Obama, It costs them credibility, which to them is measured in dollars. Thus they hasten their own end.  Even they had to balk when Obama pulled the death benefits for the families of soldiers fallen in Afghanistan. The President pulled the money in spite of the legislation passed by both houses of Congress and signed by him that was specifically meant to make sure that benefits were paid.  And again, the Democrats in Congress stood mute. They own that now, and they can thank the President.

Also, and we can’t forget or let the Democrat Party do so, the time to bask in the aura of their Chosen One is fast drawing to a close.  Whatever delusions of protection that the Obama Loyalists thought they had been granted are now gone.  They realize now as they nurse the fat lip they got from this fight that they won, they are immune to nothing. They will be dealing with the consequences their support of Obama’s choices long after he is gone.

You see, everything is real now.

That alone made this fight worth it.

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