Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wait a minute, we're still here?

Wait a minute, we’re still here?
I thought the government shutdown was supposed to herald the end of the world or something. Are dogs and cats sleeping together and such, like in Ghostbusters?

Lila the magnificent, canine and absolute mistress of all things below knee-level is at this moment staring at me reproachfully as if to say “Unlike you, I have standards.”   

I stepped outside and saw the yellow fingernail of the moon just over the horizon.  I suppose the rest of the moon was told not to come in to work today because of the Evil Republicans?  I checked the almanac; the moon is scheduled to go away completely by the fifth! Who knew Evil Republicans had such power?

I suppose the sun is getting a furlough day as well?  We’ll see at 6:56 a.m. (Denver time). How could they doom us to labor in darkness so?  On the plus side, everyone is at least getting a day off….No Way! Everyone still has to go to work?  Well, with no cops to enforce the speed limit it shouldn't take as long….they are working too?!!? And the sun will rise anyway….What the hell?

The entire world is coming to a stop thanks to the Evil Republican plot against Barak, the chosen one, and nothing has changed?!!?

Does that mean the entire world is not coming to a stop? 

Could I ask my Democratic friends what exactly we are supposed to be panicking about? No offence, but I really don’t get it. The cops are there, the hospitals are there…

Most of the government workers won’t be there? This is different from normal because the doors will be locked?  This means I won’t have to stand in line to be told they can’t help me.  How is this not progress?

Why is this happening?

Is it because Obama will not be defied by mere Americans? 

Oh hell, that explains everything.

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