Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spun Out

Spun Out

This week the Main Stream Media seems to have finally realized that they are chained to Obama’s bedpost and the house is on fire.   Strangely they do not seem to remember how hard they fought to be in that position. While it’s more than a little tempting to just write “I told you so” regarding the Obama Care disaster in about five paragraphs, that’s being done elsewhere.  Many, many, other places elsewhere.

Face it, the Obama Care roll out stinks.  It stinks so bad that even his devoted media are chewing off their limbs to escape it.  I am less interested in describing why it stinks as I am at noting the sudden free for all amongst the “loyal” MSM, and the great entertainment value for me personally.

The media seems to be mauling each other over how to frame the debacle.  Can they be loyal to the Chosen One?  Dare they? The head salesmen of all things Obama are divided on this.  Is there a way to delay this without admitting that the Republicans had a point? Is there a way to do this without Valerie-the-Enforcer using whatever leverage she has to destroy them?  You can’t convince me she won’t seek petty vengeance. It’s what she does.  And what does she have on the members of the fourth estate anyway?  The press is slowly realizing that they are no longer spinning for Obama Care’s survival; they are spinning for their own.

I’m not even being metaphorical here.  I just read an article on by John Nolte detailing how Warren Buffett did NOT buy the Washington Post because “he didn't want it to be a burden on his company or family.” To quote Joe Biden “That’s a big F%#&ing Deal.”  It means Warren Buffett does not think it is worth keeping a major metropolitan newspaper alive, even as an act of charity. It means they've been written off.  Partly, I am sure, because they keep putting themselves in positions where they simply cannot be trusted to be objective. Instead of the daily news, all they deliver is the daily spin, willfully not realizing that if the public wants spin we can write our own. They've been showing us how for years.

Most of all the MSM is learning the hard lesson that nobody wants to protect them from themselves.  Indeed it may be too late.  Obama loved them while they were useful, but apostasy is not allowed under Obama.  It’s the unforgivable sin.  However, at the same time, his clock will be running out in three short years.  What to do?  The media made its own hell. Don’t we all?

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