Tuesday, December 17, 2013



Age before beauty, I suppose?

What The Old Guard clique (a.k.a. RINOs if you’re feeling nasty) loves to say about the Tea Party is that they keep picking fights they can’t win, and that the leadership experience of
The Old Guard clique should be respected.

That’s all right though because the Tea Party clique loves to say at least they remember how to fight, and The Old Guard clique would rather cut deals with the devil to avoid any fight, leading a retreat.

No doubt they will both be insulted that I call them cliques.  Too bad. As they spend all their time trying to convince us that their group (Clique) is coolest and the other one is “uncool”, I find it the perfect word.

The worst part is that I’ve come to believe that BOTH of the above statements are completely true. The youth has poor aim, and the elders won’t even load the gun. Neither inspires confidence in the future.  The saddest thing, however, is that if the status quo is going to be changed any time in the near future, it’s going to take both cliques. They need to have each other’s back.  Trust me, if I believed that either group was capable alone, I would back them and write something blistering about police pulling over random cars to collect DNA profiles. But that is not to be.

Going forward, what the Republican Party is desperately in need of is leaders who love both.  We can’t be rewarding people from either clique if all they want to do is crush the other. We have much bigger problems. I know there are people in both groups who despise the other.  That doesn’t necessarily make them bad people, but those are not the leaders we need.

I even realize that some of you politicians are spectacular actors and think you can pretend to love them both long enough to pull off an election or two.  You are mistaken. The quality of the acting in Washington D.C. has not increased nearly as much as the cynicism of the electorate. You will fail and set all of us back even further.  We need the real deal. Merely liking both cliques is not good enough.  Both sides will be really stupid some of the time. We need people who can forgive stupid mistakes quickly and get back to work.  People who love and are loved by both factions even in the face of inevitable Stupid are absolutely required.

The leaders we need are out there. We have been at war in the Middle East for 10 years. We have not had so many leaders who have been literally tested under fire since the end of WWII. And I’m sure there are many other sources of leaders I’m simply not familiar with.

I’m not pushing anything or anyone in particular.  It’s way too early. However these are the things we should be looking for.  And the candidates should KNOW that this is what we are looking for.

Reagan himself said “If someone agrees with me 80% of the time, he is not a 20% traitor; he is my friend and ally.”

Learn quickly.  Time is not our friend.

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