Monday, February 17, 2014

But it was such a GOOD plan…

But it was such a GOOD plan…

“..and I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.” ---Ann Coulter

Love her or hate her, Ann Coulter has a fantastic talent for making liberal heads explode.  Frankly I’m jealous. 

She is however absolutely correct.  Impeaching the first black president (not named Clinton) would start nationwide riots at best and a full blown Civil/Race War at the extreme end.  Don’t get all shocked – It’s more or less the exact same thing that will happen if Obama decides he deserves a third term.  A different excuse for the same war, if you will.

I catch occasional grief, because for all that I LOATHE the President, I don’t want to impeach him. I don’t want to do anything that would turn him into a martyr.  Impeachment would do that.  If he’s just a man with a track record of failure, he can actually be used as an example of what happens when skin color is used to trump any and all argument - even from his own party. Whether the Democrats planned on this, or were just shocked by the anti-leadership on display, Barack Obama has now become the Democrat’s very own FRANKENBARRY! They can’t stop him from destroying whatever he decides to play with next. You know, like health care, the space program, international relations, immigration, Fast and Furious, airline security, the veterans benefits, “closing “ national monuments that were open to the public…but I digress.

I suppose it’s a kind of left-handed justice that the liberals have painted themselves into a corner.  Obviously if no one can criticize Obama without being a racist (or at least an Uncle Tom type sellout) THEY CAN’T DO IT EITHER.  They must have been stunned to discover that the rules they would force others to live by, stink when applied to themselves.  They aren’t supposed to be subject to their own laws!  Those are for those EVIL Republicans!  It must KILL THEM that they can’t control their own monster.  (I know I’ve got some sympathy around here somewhere…) 

I suppose there is one bit of good Obama did  by accident however.  He has effectively destroyed the effectiveness of the race card, at least for a while.  Still I am surprised that they didn’t see it coming.  Martin Luther King did not say “…judged by the melanin content of their character” did he?

Monsters seldom do their creators any good at all.

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