Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Decent Respect

Decent Respect

. “…a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to…”

I believe what that means is I should go ahead and tell the “Climate Crew” why I and many others are mad at them, even though I am sure they know already.  This way they can’t use ignorance as an excuse. Watching the fallen Green Gurus whine about not understanding why we don’t love them anymore has gotten old.   So, I have written a list for them. I guess they need it because for smart people they are awfully slow.  I’m even going to use small words because unlike the majority of climate scientists, I want to be understood.

1. Climate projections missed by lots and lots.  What that means to me is that Doomsday Prophets can’t prove they know what the hell they are talking about.  Turns out The Science is “Missing in Action.” (I considered invoking Chuck Norris for just that reason.)

2. We were lied to: Hide the Decline + Fudge Factor + “The Science is Settled.”  These are much more than a mere mistakes.  They were deliberate deceit.  Those who were supposed to study this lied or knowingly allowed others to do so without objection.  The benefit of the doubt, and all trust, is completely gone.  This means if they tell us the sun rises in the east we’re going to check it-just because it came from them.  This is not a compliment.

3. We have spent one hell of a lot of money on research grants and new technology.  Most of this was wasted money. Nothing they have tried with our money has been proven cost effective.   Many are downright destructive.  Maybe they should try selling all the animals they kill.

4. Most of the stimulus monies seem to go to Obama’s cronies only to produce useless technology and bankruptcy. Find me a Conservative who got money from this.  Seriously, I want to know so I can properly thank them for their efforts.

5. The majority of Climate Change’s loudest proponents are heavily financially invested in it.  “Green businesses” ala  Al Gore are how many people “earn” their paychecks whether they own the companies or mop the floors.  If there is no Climate Change, their jobs cease to exist. That means people who are in the Climate Change industry will continue to find it, even if it is not there.  This is at the very least a conflict of interest and we now look for that. Climate industry people have way too much to lose to be unbiased. We shouldn’t pretend they are fair. Like most people they are well aware of how they make their living.

You climate guys want to convince us to trust you again?  I will see you Tuesday with How to Rebuild trust.

My thinking?  I believe that a super volcano erupting is much more likely to happen well before any amount of green power can have an effect. Yellowstone is very very overdue.  We know that it WILL happen.  We know that when it does, it WILL trigger an Ice age. That will definitely change the hell out of the climate.  With that in mind…

 Shouldn't these guys be trying to build a better cork?

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