Tuesday, January 20, 2015

If You Can’t…

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.” – W.C. Fields

That’s pretty much what Obama tried to do in the State Of The Union.   Sadly, he failed. 

The night is not a total loss though.  I remembered why I usually skip Obama speeches and read the cliffs notes. Lesson relearned.

The speech started with a rundown of how well we are doing.  Obama managed to take credit for everything good but the sunrise, and apparently we are all doing really well.  He even accepts our gratitude for it!

After that he proposed a laundry list of domestic programs that will be dead on arrival in Congress. (In my opinion the most insulting of these was the promotion of the very same space program that he gutted like a fish.)  All of which would be not even close to paid for by closing some tax loopholes.  Essentially he was wasting his breath and our time.  He knew it too.  That man likes the sound of his own voice way too much methinks. 

On the international front – Did you know we are done in Afghanistan?  The Afghan government can now apparently handle things all by themselves!  Did anyone tell them that besides Obama?  I don’t think they know.  We are “Making a difference” in the war on terror.  I suppose losing is making a difference, yes?  Also we are “Stopping ISIL.” (ISIS) That must be why they now control more territory than ever.  Damn we’re cool.

He did request a use of force vs. ISIL (ISIS) bill.  He’s going to get it too, because we aren’t actually suicidal.   I still believe that he has no idea what to do with force, authorized or not. I am hoping he accidently does something right.

He also threatened to veto any legislation that got close to his sacred cows.  We knew this, but I suppose it was only polite to tell us AGAIN.

Finally we had the “Can’t we all just get along?” moment.  He promised to “not only seek out Republican ideas” but to “Work with (Republicans).” I am somewhat skeptical.  He’s going to need to PROVE that one.

I’m not baffled, but I DO need a shower.

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