Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I sort of expected that.

I sort of expected that.  That the Jordanian pilot was already dead I mean.  It’s not that complicated to provide proof of life, yet ISIS kept not doing it.  The burning to death did surprise me though.  You’d think the rage caused by the beheadings would clue them in to the likely reaction of people to that sort of thing.  (And yes, burning someone to death IS worse.)

They’ve also destroyed any good faith attempts at negotiating hostage exchanges – or ransoms, with anyone.   The “experts” (whoever they are) seem to be indicating that the pilot, Muadh al-Kasasbeh, was actually burned alive on January 3rd.  This is well before his name showed up in conjunction with any ransom or exchange proposals.  Also let us not forget that the same seemed to be true with Kenji Goto, the Japanese journalist who was most recently beheaded.  This was also well in advance of the ransom demands.

There is, I suppose, the remote possibility that all this was done to deliberately burn bridges, but that strikes me as unlikely.  Any bridges are indeed now ash.  I suspect that the leaders simply cannot or do not wish to control the army they built with enough authority to keep prisoners alive.   Under those circumstances that would make the videos little more than spin control.  Perhaps it’s a desperate attempt to say “yeah- I meant to do that.”  to their own people as much as to the rest of the world.  If nothing else, they’ve got to LOOK like they are in control.

This would, if true, indicate a lack of discipline within the ISIS ranks, which would be good, though I would hesitate to call it even a “silver lining.”  But it might be usable militarily and/or politically.   I hope.

Jordan is apparently now planning to execute several ISIS prisoners in retaliation. (Probably before you read this.)  I’m not sure what good it does to execute a failed suicide bomber.  On the other hand I’m not sure what good it does to keep her alive.  I don’t know who the other prisoners are, so your guess is at least as good as mine.   I will say that it strikes me that Jordan is within its rights to do so, no matter how many liberal heads explode.   Not that they are going to ask permission.

The only thing I can conclude is that ISIS does not WANT to negotiate a peace.  ISIS wants to conquer all the Muslim nations and destroy or enslave all the others.  Obama CANNOT wrap his head around that. God help us all.

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